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Welcome to UnlockWorldTV. I started writing for this site when I realised privacy was becoming an issue, and while doing so, I inadvertently realised how much football I could get for cheap! I started to put some guides together and thats when I changed from a really poor personal blog elsewhere, to this (semi) professional looking site!.

When I realised how easy it was to fool websites around the world to allowing you to sign up and subscribe to otherwise hidden or geo restricted services I thought Id best write some of this down!, it looks like its helped a few people along the way too. I’ve had hundreds of thousands of visitors just like you.

On UnlockWorldTV I  use short tutorials to talk through some of these things and if there is a service you want but can’t find, let me know!!

Some example of what you can expect to find on here

  • How to get Netflix or Hulu outside the USA
  • How to Get BeIn Sports
  • How to get Star Sports India in the UK
  • How to get Hotstar Premium outside India
  • How to get BBC iPlayer if you live outside the UK
  • How to watch all the NFL games and avoid any blackout periods
  • How to get every premier league football game for an insanely low price from the middle east
  • How to make your home network only tunnel certain devices via a VPN service
  • How to flash your VPN router
  • You will be able to purchase pre flashed VPN routers

Take a look at the latest posts to get you started or look on the tag cloud below for popular items

Cookie Disclaimer

Lastly, I use Google Analytics which means I inherently track site usage and non-personally identifying data using cookies. I don’t store any personal data, I don’t know how, I don’t want it, I don’t need it, I would never have any use for it either!  Google Analytics tells me things like if you came to the site on Mobile, Tablet, which country you are from, but by You, I mean all visitors as one group, not any individual browser. That is to say that all user data is both non identifying and aggregated.

Affiliation Disclaimer

I spend a lot of time researching, writing and screen shotting to make the guides you see on this site. In order to try and make up for the amount of time it takes to personally write all the content, I sometimes use affiliate links.  This means I will possibly receive a payment if it were followed and one of the users signed up to a service I suggested. To help you see the affiliate links, they always have a hyperlink with the word ‘recommends’ in the url. If you do not wish to click that link, then by all means use google or type the company’s name into the search bar manually.  However, I hope you would consider supporting the site.

Examples of these links would be links to VPN or DNS providers, or possible a small number of other companies.

To be absolutely clear, UnlockWorldTV has not, and will not, accept payment to provide a positive review. Any review you read is based on the  actual real world use of the service, is independent and written with no predetermined outcome.


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