Al Jazeera (BeIN Sports) on iPad without using a credit card

Welcome to another update from unlockworldtv. This time we will cover installing Al Jazeera Sports or BeIN Sports as it is now now onto your iPhone of iPad.

There are a few ways to do it, but by far the easiest way is to use a PC or a Mac and NOT an iPad or iPhone.

The reason for this is that the webstore you access on PC or Mac is built different and it allows you to sign p without a credit card. For me, its Apple, I’m happy they aren’t going to lose my data or abuse it so I signed up on iPad and put in my credit card but I am going to assume that most of you do not want that.

I already did a post on this some time ago in relation to accessing Pandora or i HeartRadio

you can see the post

Rather than reupload that post with the words changed around I will summarise the steps for you here and you can use that post as a resource.

1) Log In to the iTunes store on a PC or Mac

2) Change the store by choosing the store selector, denoted by a flag to the country of choice. I would suggest you use Egypt for this tutorial

3) Go to the BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Sports app and click the “free” button. You will be prompted to set up a new iTunes account.

4) You need to use a valid email address that isn’t already associated with another iTunes account.

You can make up a name and address if you have no intention of ever buying paid apps. If you need some inspiration try fakenamegenerator. Complete all of the info and continue through to the payment page

5) When you get to the credit card page there will be a “none” ¬†option. Select this option to proceed to download.

6) you can now switch back to your regular account and continue as normal

It is really that simple.

Once you have the application open (and you selected either English or Arabic as your language) you will need a VPN to access anything other than Al Jazeera Sports News.

If you haven’t already signed up to Bein Sports this is a good place to start.

DOnt forget, not all VPN Providers provide servers in Egypt, africa or the UAE to help you out here are three companies that do provide servers.

Disclaimer: I will earn a commission if you click the links below and subsequently sign up but you are under no obligation to do so!

Astrill (Server in Egypt)


IPVanish (server in Egypt)


PureVPN (server in Egypt)

Overplay (server in Egypt)


EarthVPN will have servers in either UAE or Egypt prior to August i.e. 2014/15 EPL season, but they do not currently have any there so only choose them if you intend to subscribe to BeIN Sports in August and NEED an account in Egypt or UAE (there are more choices but most small middle easter/african countries will not be getting servers!)

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