Apple TV Netflix Error 10008 using Overplay

Apple TV Netflix Error 10080 Using Overplay

Update April 2016: Please check this guide to fix the Netflix Proxy Error

I recently had this error. What was strange is that I wasn’t blocked, i was just blocked from watching some programs. Bizarrely quite a few kids programs so the kids were not best pleased.

Anyway, i found that I could watch lots of shows from the US Netflix, but not some others.  I tried it on two devices, exactly the same behaviour so it couldn’t have been browser cache related. The only difference between the apple TV and the browser was that the browser did tell me specifically about using a proxy or unblocked and to turn it off.

Anyway, I got these instructions from Overplay on how to get around the error and figured it may help some of you. First you may want to contact them so they can give you an alternative DNS.  Once again underling the futile nature of blocking by companies such as Netflix. I wrote about it here

Instructions to get around Netflix 10008 Error with Overplay

We have an alternative DNS that has helped customers experiencing the proxy blocking error. We have updated your account in our system to give you access to those DNS. Please complete the steps below in sequential order

11. Change the DNS of each device to ( and or you can enter it directly on your router.

2. Reboot each device after entering the DNS.

3. Go to our homepage using a computer or mobile device and re-pick the Netflix region that you want to access

4. Try to watch a Netflix programme again.


5. Sign out of your Netflix account an *all* devices or computers. For browser make sure you clear your cache and restart browser for good measure.

6. Remove and and your DNS servers and replace them with and or use your local ISP DNS by switching to Automatically obtain DNS addresses.

Note: This will temporarily disable your service.

7. Confirm that DNS and or your ISP DNS is configured (Service will not activate for example).

8. Sign back into your Netflix account which will give you access to your local region. Try to watch a programme and confirm it works. Then, sign out of your Netflix account on whatever device currently. If browser make sure cache is cleared.

Note: be sure you are doing this on just the same device initially as above *or* on the same computer via web browser.

9. Configure and back again to reactivate your service. Once you confirm that your service is working again, select your desired Netflix region as indicated here

10. Sign back into your Netflix account on desired device or browser and try to watch a programme.

Please let me know in the comments if this worked for you or if you have had any other workarounds!

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