Cheapest Way To Watch Game Of Thrones (How To Guide)

Cheapest Way To Watch Game Of Thrones

Do you love Game of Thrones? Do you want to re-watch all six seasons or do you simply want to watch them all from scratch? This guide will show you the Cheapest Way to watch Game of Thrones in the world. As you probably already know, you can watch it in a few places but at great expense. Here are some examples of costs in the UK and USA:

  • iTunes charges £23.99 per season
  • HBO subscriptions vary wildly but will cost £33 a month in the UK (Sky UK) on Sky Atlantic and in Europe, the USA and further afield getting HBO is an expensive affair. This is subject to a contract of at least 12 months so almost £400 a year. Ouch.
  • HBO Now / Go can be had in the USA but even the cheapest one of those is $15 a month, so if you only wanted it for Game of Thrones and nothing else its still $45 for a 3 month period per season (although you may be able to get the back catalogue of 1 – 6)
  • Amazon Prime requires a subscription AND £1.89 per episode ( to rent and not even in HD!) or its £2.49 to buy an HD version or £22.99 to buy 1 season.

So I would understand if I told you you could get it ALL legally for for less than $3 a month INCLUDING HBO that you would be skeptical. But you can and you get such shows such as:

Silicon Valley

The Wire

True Blood


The Pacific

Band of Brothers

Strike Back

and much more, 40 different shows in total!

Watch Game of Thrones Online Cheapest Way to Watch Game of Thrones

How to watch Game of Thrones

Still want to know the cheapest way to get Game of Thrones anywhere in the world?

Without further ado I give you Hotstar Premium. India’s answer to primetime, on demand premium viewing.  HBO is included in their premium subscription which not only gets you the cheapest way to watch game of thrones anywhere but also gets you every single premier league game too as well as movies , tv and sports programming across many channels, and all on your favourite devices!

If you aren’t bothered about the cheapest way to watch game of thrones and would rather look at the premier league try here –> Guide to watch premier league on Hotstar Premium Outside India 

If you still want to be the envy of your friends and have THE cheapest way to watch game of thrones at your disposal, then I encourage you to read my guide on signing up to Hotstar Premium and this will show you the cheapest way to get game of thrones on your mobile, tablet or computer and will really open your viewing options without costing a fortune.

One thing to remember is that Hotstar Premium is geo restricted, that means you cannot normally get it outside India. So you will need to use one of these methods to get around that

1) Use the VPN method to watch Game of Thrones online

These VPN service providers have servers that work excellently in India and I have personally used them all.  A VPN is great to add an extra layer of security for your online browsing too and adds great flexibility across your devices both in and out o the home.

Provider Visit

2) Use the Smart DNS method to watch Game of Thrones online

There is currently only ONE smart DNS provider that officially supports Hotstar Premium (and you can thank Unlock World TV for that! And that is Smart DNS Proxy. They have a full 14 day free trial, no payment method required. Try it, if you are after a DNS solution you won’t go back once you’ve been with these guys!

So there you have it, use either a smart DNS service or a VPN to be get the cheapest way to watch Game of Thrones, HBO or the Premier league ANYWHERE in the world!

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