Do any VPNs still work with Netflix

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As most of you will likely already know. There are two things with Netflix that you need to understand

1) US Netflix is by far the best one

2) VPNs and Proxies have been periodically blacklisted

Number 1, is still the truth, the USA Netflix dominates all other regions of the service. Even when you see comparable programmes, you often find that the USA one has a broader back catalogue of episodes. It really is the Netflix du jour. For UK users, it also has a lot of BBC content. The reason for this is that BBC worldwide is not license funded and so its content isn’t restricted in the UK by the time barring rule of sales of rights to third parties.

Number 2 however, is a  little misunderstood, and that is entirely Netflix’s intention. That is, Netflix wants to make it so difficult that you hear about it and then decide you can’t be bothered to try to circumvent the region restrictions.  Its largely worked. However, they have been many improvements in infrastructure from various providers which means that you can still get Netflix hassle free from he USA wherever you are based.

Why doesn’t my current VPN or proxy work with Netflix?

Blacklisting. Netflix gathered hundreds of thousands of IP addresses, address ranges, and blacklisted all of them! Some providers themselves have just given up, each time they fix it, it gets blocked again. Its just not worth the investment. Also, many providers are white labels that don’t own their own infrastructure so if one goes down, many other VPN ‘brands’ will go down too.

Do any VPN’s still work with Netflix

Yes. Rather than make a list, i will point you to the one providers that has an almost 100% records

Do any proxies still work with Netflix

Very few indeed, however my favourite proxy service is working really well. Here it is

Summary: Do any VPNs or Proxies still work with Netflix

Yes, but very few, and to be honest, I hope it stays this way. This will be enough to stop all companies marketing their services on the back of Netflix accessibility, which in turn will mean Netflix can be less aggressive. This should mean any outages are fewer and last for less time.  I understand Netflix’s position, which they have been put in by rights owners, but over time that position will hopefully change (a la Netflix originals, new agreements, less third parties etc)

For now, stick with the services above and you will not got far wrong!

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