Easily fix your Hotstar subscription

You may have noticed recently that when you tried to log into Hotstar you received a message such as “no user found with this address” or similar. This article acmes to help you

  1. fix your Hotstar subscription
  2. log into the hotstar website if you cannot do so
  3. repurchase a hotstar subscription with a foreign card

Why is my Hotstar Subscription not working

Hotstar, which is ultimately owned by the Walt Disney Group of companies, has recently gone through a couple of changes. Amongst these are

  1. Disney + is now included in your Hotstar Subscription; and
  2. American Express is no longer accepted

My subscription had failed because my payment method (Amex) had failed. I did not receive any notification about this, and as I don’t use hotstar every day, I did not notice this until the weekend just gone.

So you now il show you how to fix your Hotstar subscription

This led me to finding some workarounds to some restrictions on the Hotstar Website. Here are the things I found and how to solve them.

I can’t log into the Hotstar website

You may have found that Hotstar has improved the VPN security on its website, and much like Netflix has blocked a number of IP addresses. The VPN I used got me onto the hotstar site, but would NOT let me log in. But I found a cool workaround for this that I tested about twenty times to make sure I wasn’t imagining it!!

Hotstar Login Form keeps asking for email

I connected to my VPN and clicked on Sign In. This then brings up the sign in form. You have an option to sign in with an email, or a Facebook account.

With the VPN turned ON – I entered my email and clicked next. But instead of a password screen, it went right back to the email input screen.

the workaround to fix your Hotstar subscription for this is as follows

  1. close all your browser windows first and start a new session
  2. connect your VPN to a server in India
  3. Go to Hotstar.com
  4. click sign in
  5. turn your VPN off
  6. enter your email address and click next
  7. enter your password and click next
  8. turn your vpn ON to view your account records

the above is important for the next part of this guide which is how to pay for a subscription on hotstar

How To Pay for a Hotstar Subscription

If you are reading this, then you probably already have a login ID for hotstar, but you do not have a payment method that is accepted i.e. an Indian bank account, Indian debit/credit card or any of the other methods currently accepted by Hotstar. I doubt you have an Indian phone number either! But don’t worry I got you covered.

You do not need a VPN for the first part of this. We are going to use out trust Amazon account. yes you read that correct.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to pay for your Hotstar Premium Subscription

  1. Sign into Amazon.in

    You might not have an Indian account, but not to worry, you should be able to sign into Amazon.in with the same details you use for your regular country.
    if that doesn’t work, just sign up for a new account on Amazon.in, and don’t worry, its all in English

  2. Purchase a Hotstar Premium Gift Code

    Purchase this item for 1499R (around £15). You can enter your own email address as the recipient addresspurchase a Hotstar gift card

  3. Pay for Your Hotstar Gift Card on Amazon India

    go to the checkout and pay for your card using any payment method available

    Pay for your Hotstar gift card on amazon India

  4. Enter a number for Hotstar OTP

    you will also be asked for a phone number for OTP. You can use any number, just ensure your country code is correct

  5. Check your email for the Gift Card Code

    The email will look like this, but without the code being redacted!
    Hotstar Gift Card purchase

  6. Prepare to use your gift card

    You need to hand your VPN, your gift card code, and a web browser for this next section.

  7. Redeem your code

    to redeem the code we need to follow the workaround at the top of this guide. So switch on your VPN now and then go to hotstar.com/redeem
    once the page has loaded, and you get to the sign in box, turn OFF the VPN
    enter your email, click next, your password, click next copy and paste your code into the box and click confirm. After this you will need to turn the VPN back on
    redeem your Hotstar gift card code

  8. Go to your regular streaming device

    I use an Apple TV that was already logged in to my account
    I checked it and my account was now up to date with the full Hotstar and Disney + offering.

please let me know if you got all the way through.

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7 thoughts on “Easily fix your Hotstar subscription”

  1. Hello UnlockWorldTV,
    I hope the new article with the subscription trick is getting close because I can’t wait to read it and sign up to Hotstar 🙂
    Thanks !

  2. I can confirm that ExpressVPN works on my Fire TV stick to watch Hotstar’s free content like like TV channels or soccer replays.
    After lots of research, it seems like the creation of an account is tightly coupled to an Indian mobile phone number which is a major issue for any foreigner.
    And I yet have to find a working solution to this 1st step on the internet (every site/tutorial shows how to pay the subscription hence assumes you already have an account !)
    Any help/tips on creating a legit account while bypassing the phone number/OTP would be highly appreciated 🙂

  3. A week ago I had an Indian colleague try to create an account for me.
    He is in India, logged out of his own account.
    I gave him the url you have when you choose the annual subscription at 1499 rupees when trying to access a Premium content.
    When he typed my email in the form (step 2 – Create Account), he was sent back to the the form !
    So even for him, he could not create an account with an email to start with !
    This might mean that you need an Indian mobile phone number to create an account wherease the email input is only here for existing users.
    Just a guess based on his attempt.

  4. I’ve tried it but I can’t get it to work. There is some javascript associated with the submit button in the phone section that populates the +91. If I can find out where that is then that would be a pretty cool workaround. So far I can change the number but on submission some JS is overriding it. Also, im using purevpn, and there is a chance that this is simply the case that Disney has blacklisted some of its IP addresses. If you have a different VPN you may find you don’t run into the same issues as me. ExpressVPn is normally pretty robust and they didn’t even get blocked in the purse when Netflix went down a few years ago

  5. Thank you for this updated tutorial.

    Do you know if that VPN trick can help create a Hotstar account the very first time for a new user or do you still need an Indian mobile phone number/OTP for that ?

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