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UPDATE Sept 2016:- If you want to watch the premier league then you need to switch to Hotstar Premium as Star sports has moved the content. Here is a full guide: – Watch Premier League on Hotstar Premium

Update 5 August 2015

Many users have reported seeing the “No packages available” error.  Please note this is not error and your DNS/VPN is working just fine. Starsports is broadcasting the Premier League free in 2015/16 so no subscription is required.


Get Star Sports India and a Super Cheap Premier League Package

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Today I am going to show you how to Sign Up for Star Sports India and get a Super Cheap Premier League Package.  You probably already ready my post on the service itself here, but now I’ll show you an easy way to sign up for it and access the Star Sports content via VPN in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world..

If you are here because you want a cheap subscription to the premier league and already know how to go about signing up to geo blocked services; consider checking out my article on Cheap Premier League packages instead, or stick around!

Firstly, not all VPN providers have appropriate servers for Star Sports. You require a server in India. For this example I am using Astrill, but you can check out the VPN Cost for a list of suitable Star Sports VPN providers or look at my article on Cheap EPL subscription packages.

Update March 2015

PureVPN has a set up thats the fastest and clearest I’ve seen. See here, or check out the most up to date Premier League Guide

ProviderReviewMonthly CostVisit
IPVanish IPVanish Review$6.49 Subscribe
ExpressVPN ExpressVPN Review$8.32 Subscribe
Vypr VPN Astrill Review$6.67 Subscribe
HideMyAss! HideMyAss! Review$6.55 Subscribe
PureVPN Pure VPN Review$4.16 Subscribe


In this section, I will simply cover the signing up process on your desktop computer (although it should work from any device, but I am not dealing with getting the applications required for tablets or phones in this post).

This is an easy way to sign up to

Please check back regularly to find out how to use your subscription to Star Sports India on your device of choice such as iPhone, iPad or Android Smart Phone. Star Sports is normally only available in the India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

So, if you want to unblock Star Sports, or watch Star Sports Outside of those countries then you are most definitely going to need a VPN service.

So first things first: The Star Sports site is in English as is the media content (at least for the football), which helps a fair few of us. The top level site is not geo locked either, only the content so you only need the VPN for the streaming not the sign up..

Step By Step Sign Up To Star Sports 

Click the Subscribe Button

Unblock Star Sports India VPN in UK USA or Anywhere Cheap Premier League Subscription

After this you will be taken to the registration screens shown below. On the basis that most of us don’t know India very well, I used the details below to sign up just fine. It doesn’t appear there is a great deal of validation going on.

Unblock Star Sports India in UK USA or Anywhere Cheap Premier League Subscription

Unblock Star Sports India VPN in UK USA or Anywhere Cheap Premier League Subscription

The Details I used (other than my name and email)

Country: India

State: Goa

Pin/Zip Code: 403702

Mobile No: 91 123456

Click Register and you will be sent an email confirming its all gone ahead.

You can choose a package now, shown below. Basically it is all EPL, a mixture of football, of everything. With everything being Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis and F1.

Unblock Star Sports VPN in UK USA or Anywhere Cheap Premier League Subscription

Unblock Star Sports India VPN in UK USA or Anywhere Cheap Premier League SubscriptionUnblock Star Sports India VPN in UK USA or Anywhere Cheap Premier League Subscription

Unblock Star Sports VPN in UK USA or Anywhere Cheap Premier League Subscription

Now you will note that the “everything” package is charged daily. You have to bear in mind this package is aimed at Indians, and India is a poor country in the main so Star Sports is aimed at increasing subscribers as much as possible by offering affordable and flexible packages without huge commitments.

Nevertheless, this benefits those of us outside of India willing to get a VPN service to subscribe.  At the rupee according to is worth about a british penny. So 20 INR is equivalent to just short of £0.20 per day.  Before I get comments querying that. It is NOT a typo. 20 pence, you read it correctly.

Even if you subscribe everyday for 365 days it would cost less than £73 for all the sports for the year.  Its pretty mind-blowing when you consider thats less than 1 month of Sky TV south the sports and movie packages.

For clarity the package process at todays exchange rate in British Pounds are as follows

Premier League Season Pass 1000INR = £9.89

La Liga Season Pass 500INR = £4.45

Football Season Pass 800INR =  £7.92

All Sports Day Pass 20INR per day = £0.20 per day (£6 per 30 days broadly)

At the time this post is being published some of the packages have little time left, so if you are going to try it out, go for the day package. Its not a lot of money to even get the last few weeks of the EPL, but why spend it if you don’t have to eh!!


Once you have chosen your package go to the payment screen. A number of payment methods are accepted including debit and credit cards.  Credit Cards appear to be the quickest and best option here as the debit card list is Indian Bank based, as you might expect.

The payment screen looks like this


I used a visa credit card and it went through in seconds including the verified by visa protection. Then you will get a payment confirmation. Boom! All signed up.


After this point you need to go to the Live section and you do need to be behind a VPN in India or else you will see this screen.


Once you are behind the VPN though as you can see below, top quality football at rock bottom prices.





Unblock Star Sports VPN in UK USA or Anywhere Cheap Premier League Subscription

Once you buy now, enjoy your ridiculously cheap subscription to the Premier League, La Liga, FA Cup, Tennis, Hockey, F1 and Cricket!!!

This is a seriously cheap sports package!! t

Let me know how you get on!

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