Watch Premier League live online from Anywhere in the World

UPDATED 1 July 2017 for the 2017/18 Premier League Season

Welcome to the Ultimate and definitive guide on how to watch the Premier League live online from the UK, USA or anywhere in the world.

What is the guide on How to Watch Premier League all about?

Simply, to show you all of the different online streaming (legal!) options available to you to watch the premier league live online. Front eh cheapest way, to the best quality way, so the best way for your particular device. This guide on how to watch the premier league online has you covered and is updated every year at least once!

Why would I need the guide on how to Watch Premier League?

It could be because the Premier league is not available online in your country, it could be because you want to watch more games that your country’s channels allows, or it could be simply because you want to take your existing subscription away with you on business or holiday.

watch premier league live online with VPN

This article covers many tips on how to Watch Premier League, here are some of them!

– How to Watch Premier League Pass (and how to get the best deal on PLP!)
– How to Watch BeIN Sports from the UAE
– How to Watch Star Sports India
– How to stream all Premier League Games live
– How to get a cheap and legal premier league subscription
– How to watch the premier league live on your mobile or tablet
– How to get the Star Sports APK for android
– How to get the Star Sports app for iOS
– How to get the BeIN Sports (Al Jazeera) APK for android
– How to get Eleven Sports in the UK
– How to get the Eleven Sports APK app for android
– How to get the Eleven Sports app on iOS
– How to Get Hotstar Premium
– How to get Hotstar on iPhone and iPad

So if one of these is what you need then read on

What is the Premier League?

The English Premier League (EPL) is arguably the biggest and best football league in the world. It is certainly the most watched, with broadcasts entering an estimated 640 million homes across the globe. It doesn’t travel well though due to tight restrictions on broadcast rights. We’ve all been there, you pack your iPad for your summer holiday thinking “i’ll watch the game by the pool” and your Sky Go subscription blocks it.

Don’t worry, all is not lost, there are loads of ways to Watch the Premier League online.  But sometimes you may need to start using a VPN or even a DNS service.

Firstly, you need is a device of some sort such as a laptop, smart phone or tablet. Once you get your device ready you can unblock all of the premier league games from anywhere in the world.

This guide will not only tell you the best places to get 100% reliable online football streams but also give you reviews on the products you need. No more blind testing, this is the Number 1 guide on the internet for getting live premier league football streams cheaply, reliably and legally!

Firstly, here are a few things to remember. Outside of the UK and unlike the British Broadcasters Sky Sports and BT Sport, 3pm games do not fall under the FA’s black out rule. This means if you get a subscription from outside the UK, you are more likely to be able to get every single game in any one season, or at least 6 games a week including one 3pm game.

Step One: Get an Online Premier League Service

Before you do anything, you need to find a service that suits you. This year there are more services than ever, some that are just sports, but more this time around that offer other content you might like such as films and tv shows.

It important to stress that this guide relates only to Reliable, Online and more importantly legal EPL subscriptions available. We will never advise, recommend or comment on illicit streams on UnlockworldTV.

How To Watch Premier League 2017/18 season

Lets take a look at 2017/18 Premier League Streaming Subscriptions. I’ve put them into a neat little table for you, but I’ve provided a more in depth rundown of each service after that.

ProviderLocationNo. of Game per Season (where known)Visit ProviderPlan Annual (local currency)Plan Monthly (local currency)Price in USDNotes
ElevenSports 75x76
Eleven Sports
Taiwan228www.elevensports.twNT$759NT$86$2.82 / $19.19Cheapest Package Overall (requires VPN)
Hotstar 75x75
India380www.hotstar.comR2388R199$3.08 / $36.92Can be used with DNS, has HBO, F1, Cricket, Films
EurosportRomania^£29.99£6.99$9.08 / $38.91Easiest To get, shows many sports! Great for cycling
BeinSportsMENA 75x75
BeIN Sports MENA$108$18$18 / $108The benchmark packaage. All games, Champions League, EFL etc. Fantastic all rounder
beinNZ 75x75
BeIN Sports NZ
New Zealand380$108$18$18 / $108The benchmark packaage. All games, Champions League, EFL etc. Fantastic all rounder
FuboTV 75x75
Fubo TV
USA164*$419.88$34.99$34.99 / $419.88Live US TV Sports focussed service. Can be used on two devices. Works on Apple TV 4
SlingTV 75x75
Sling TV
USA164*$419.88$34.99$34.99 / $419.88Live US TV Cable replacement service. The original cable replacement. Works on Apple TV4
DirecTV Now 75x72
DirecTV Now
USA228**$420$35$35 / $420The latest Live TV offering. Excellent, but not cheap if you want the extras.
playstation vue 75x75
Playstation Vue
USA164*$480$40$40 / $480Underated service. Live TV Replacement service in USA
NowTV 75x75
Now TV£407.88£33.99$44.13 / $529.53UK streaming service, Sports expensive but high quality coverage of most sports, but overall packages are excellent value

^Eurosport is available in most countries. Sign up wherever and simply change the VPN region to Romania to Watch Premier League
*Minimum based on normal programming (126) plus at least 1 3pm game over the course of the season. 
**Minimum based on a guaranteed 6 games per week, plus addition of NBCSN. More games may be shown, but no less.

So before explaining each of these services, you should decide whether you want to:

1) watch football, cricket or any other sport the same way you do in the UK, or;
2) get a new and very much cheaper and more extensive subscription to a foreign (but english commentary) subscription package

If you fall into category 1 above, then life is pretty simple for you from here on in. First, download the Sky Go app (assuming you re already a sky subscriber) and set up your device with your account

If you are not a Sky subscriber you can get a NOW TV Box with 1 Week Sports

from Amazon, of you can download the app on your device of choice and simply buy the gift cards. Like this one:

1 Week NOW TV Sky Sports Pass

If you don’t have sky and the game you want happens to be on BT Sport who you are a customer of, then you can get the BT Sport app on your device too.

If you are more of a Match of the Day kind of lad, then you already know about the BBC iPlayer app which is outstanding, but as a back up tvplayer is a good app for watching live UK TV.

If you are more about option 2 – that is getting a better and cheaper subscription then read on.

Watch The Premier League with UK providers or Alternative Providers from Outside the UK

With so much choice there is no point trying to find free online EPL streams or any other type of live football stream. They are normally unreliable and exclusively on the wrong side of the law. The BBC recently wrote an article stating as such. The options below are some of the more popular choices for people who want to have all the games, or even as a back up subscription. The cheapest streaming package costs less than a round of drinks for the WHOLE YEAR!.

Is there really any point to searching for a reliable stream two minutes before the big game? Just get your live football streaming from one of these official Premier League partners and save yourself a bundle of time and hassle.

Without further ado I give you…

The Best Premier League Subscriptions from around the world

ProviderLocationNo. of Game per Season (where known)Visit ProviderAbout
Eleven SportsTaiwan228Eleven SportsTaiwans recently acquired offering. Eleven Sports promises cross platform streaming for the princely sum of £16 or $21.45 for the entire year! Thats not bad now is it! A minimum of 6 games will be streamed per week for this remarkably low price making this the newest and best value proposition on the web. Eleven sports is available in a few countries, most notably Singapore. If you happen to live in Singapore, make sure you sign up at the Taiwan site instead as it is 1/12th of the price. (You read that correctly).
HotstarIndia380HotstarIndia's offering can be had from an "all sports" package of 20 british pence per day, or for the simple price of £8.20 (depending on the currency rate) you can get all 380- EPL games streamed to your device of choice. For the 2016/17 season, the price has been increased to £2.40 per month. All games available with english commentary. You can pay with credit card only outside of india. I used Amex, no problem. All you need now is a DNS or VPN provider. There is no longer any delay but the football has moved from the Starsports site to the Hotstar site and app and site.
EurosportRomania^228EurosportEveryone knows Eurosport they are huge all over the world. What people donÕt know id that in Romania, they acquire the rights to the Premier League. Eurosport is easy to get as you can sign up anywhere and use a VPN to switch region.
BeIN Sports MENAUAE380BeIN Sports MENABased in the UAE this high quality sports provider offers full HD streaming of the Premier League amongst many other sports and competitions. As of November 2014, they have also had the ban lifted from the FA and can resume broadcast of someÊ3pm (or Mecca Time) games from the Barclays Premier League., normally around 3 You can pay via credit card or paypal and all games available have english and arabic commentary.
BeIN Sports NZNew Zealand380BeIN Sports NZBased in the UAE this high quality sports provider offers full HD streaming of the Premier League amongst many other sports and competitions. As of November 2014, they have also had the ban lifted from the FA and can resume broadcast of someÊ3pm (or Mecca Time) games from the Barclays Premier League., normally around 3 You can pay via credit card or paypal and all games available have english and arabic commentary.
Fubo TVUSA164*Fubo TVFubo TV started as a simple football streaming service and has now expanded to show pretty much all major leagues and as of the end of last season this also includes the Premier League. It has native apps on pretty much all platforms and will also allow you to stream on two devices simultaeously.
Sling TVUSA164*Sling TVSling TV was the original cord cutting service. Its ben through some iterations but Istl think its pretty cool. Again, this is not only a sports , but a general live TV pacakge. So you will be picking up a lot of sports and live US tv.
DirecTV NowUSA228**FuboDirecTV NowDirecTV Now is the latest comcast offering and I like it. Its quite expensive but for a full on streaming service its pretty sweet. I liked it more when I had the crrazy $35 bundle but hey, can't win them all!
Playstation VueUSA164*PS VuePlaystions underrated cord cutting service with a more a la carte style. I still think its criminal this isnt available outside the USA natively but, we are on UnlockWorldTV so lets not let that get in the way
Now TVUK126Now TVNow TV is the UK streaming parter of Sky TV. Most (not all) tv can be streamed and its is very good value. Sports as always is expensive as you can see in the above table. The coverage however, is top notch. However, if you want large volumes of games, this probably isnt going to help you as it offers the lowest number of games per season at the highest cost


Step Two: Sign up with a VPN or DNS Provider

I already mentioned that some of the providers above are outside of the UK. As with most premium entertainment content on the internet, there are restrictions on where it can be viewed. This protection is called geoblocking. That same error message you saw at your hotel in Turkey whilst trying to watch Sky Sports 2, is the same message someone in India gets when they try to watch Star Sports in Jamaica. It just doesn’t work.

Unless that is, if you have a VPN Provider, or even a DNS provider. If you aren’t sure on the differences or their suitability, have a look here here. For most people the choice comes down to simply, do you want speed, security or both. Speed only means a DNS service would be better, such as Overplay, although PureVPN also offers a free DNS account with its VPN packages now too (called HDX streaming)). A DNS means your IP address is hidden but your own bandwidth is used. With a VPN you are hidden, encrypted and you use the bandwidth of the VPN provider instead. This means the further away you are from the source material, the slower the connection e.g. accessing BeIN Sports in New Zealand from England you would be lucky to stream 100 minutes of football error free.

Choosing a VPN or DNS

UPDATE 15 March 2015 see this link for excellent Pure VPN results

UPDATE 5 May 2015 see the following video for how easy it is to watch with IPVanish

Whichever service you choose, all good value ones are located outside of the USA and UK. So you will need a reliable VPN or DNS service. Below are some tried and tested providers.

Below is a summary table detailing recommended VPN providers for each football service as tested and/or verified by unlockworldtv.

Rank ProviderVisit

A DNS will also work for most of the services I mentioned but not all work with Hotstar. For Hotstar use SmartDNS proxy. For everything else, take your pick.

Rank ProviderVisit
1smart dns
2smart dns

Step Three: Download your Free VPN software

All VPN providers will supply free VPN software. The good thing about the ones mentioned above is that they all have software for iOS, PC, MAC, Android and even DDwrt routers. Just download the free VPN software direct from the VPN provider, install it, choose your server and click connect. Anyone can do it!!

All of the providers will give you software for all your devices and all the VPN providers I mentioned will also let you log in on more than one device at a time. I tested IPVanish recently and had Star Sports running on both my Mac and iPhone simultaneously.

Step Four: Download your Premier League Providers software

If you choose to go for BeIN Sports or Star Sports and with to use an Android device, then head on over to my APK pages and download the software for free. If you want to download the software on your iOS device then its simple and free too. Just follow my my guide here.. Remember to change the country to Egypt or India and make sure you follow it on a PC or MAC (not a tablet or mobile device) and you can get all the software easily from the App Store and you don’t even need a credit card. Just a valid email address.

The APKs

if you need them just google them! 60 second job!

Step Five: Go to your Fridge and get a beer

Enjoy your Premier League subscription with your VPN service and brag to your mate that you read it all here and saved a fortune on your monthly subs!!

Step 6: Think About Streaming it to that Big Ol’ TV!

Grab a Chromecast and watch your mobile stream on your tellybox