How to bypass Hotstar VPN Detected error on iPhone and iPad

Heres the guide to help you bypass Hotstar VPN Detected error on iPhone and iPad

LAST UPDATED 28th June 2019

TL:dr – use a DNS Proxy instead of a VPN, or get a specific app version

You may have recently noticed that the Hotstar app has updated.  IN which case you have probably come across the VPN Detected error.

This Hotstar error says

VPN Detected you seem to be using an unblocked or proxy Please turn off the services and try again, If you continue to see this after turning off proxy, please reach as at

bypass Hotstar VPN Detected error on iPhone and iPad

How to bypass the error on iPhone and iPad?

28/06/2019 – make sure you have the right version of the app. In this video i’m also using PureVPN.

18/01/2018 – this method still works, however it can take multiple attempts and has definitely been tweaked by Hotstar.


The good news is that this error is easy to bypass Hotstar VPN Detected error on iPhone and iPad. Here is a step by step guide:

Step 1: Double click the home button and swipe the app to completely close it.

Step 2: make sure your VPN connection is switched OFF

Step 3: Open up hotstar and wait for the basic content to load up

Step 4: go to settings > VPN and turn your VPN on. Wait until the VPN label is in the status bar as this means it is connected

Step 5: Double click the home button and go back to the Hotstar app that is running in the background

Step 6: Enjoy your content


SO why does this help bypass the VPN Detected error on iPhone and iPad?

Well from my testing it seems that the app only checks if vpn services are running on your iPhone or iPad at boot. After the app is open, it no longer polls that service and so works as normal.  It is quite common for geo restricted apps to check items only on boot. Hotstar does seem to now poll not so much more than once, but for an extended period. If you try this multiple times it eventually stops checking after a minute or so and then its OK. However, users don’t what that the of experience. Neither do I, which brings me neatly on to


Bypass the VPN detected error on iPhone and iPad by…… umm not using  VPN

Sounds obvious but provided you are

1) on wifi, and;

2) not intending on travelling with your device too much during the game, then a smart DNS service is definitely the way to go.  As far as I know, SmartDNSProxy are the only service to support Hotstar, and i mean support. As in, they will fix it as and when Hotstar ever change their infrastructure which can happen once a year, maybe twice. Most of the time you wouldn’t notice but when you do its annoying.

You can get 14 days free trial of SmartDNSProxy and you don’t even need to have a method of payment. It is a truly free trial.  By using the DNS service, there is no VPN to detect so this will bypass the VN Detected error on iPhone and iPad. Indeed, any app with a VPN check will be the same.

Here is a link to the free trial, I’ve been a customer for a long time and I really can’t recommend them enough*

Try Smart DNS Proxy Free For 14 Days

Please continue to enjoy your Hotstar subscription from outside India! If this post is helpful, please let us know in the comments and share it with your friends

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20 thoughts on “How to bypass Hotstar VPN Detected error on iPhone and iPad”

  1. HI Jackie, I have used IPVanish, PureVPN and Express VPN. I currently use PureVPN, but I also primarily use SmartDNSProxy as I tend to watch via a tv box rather than on a mobile device and its just more convenient (and for US Netflix too)

    I’ve heard a few good things about Nord VPN. maybe I should give them a look.



  2. What providers are you using? I have NordVPN and Hotstar doesn’t detect that IP is not ISPs’ … I’m not into tech, so I do not understand it completely, however, I can surely say that it’s working with Nord :/

  3. Just tried all possible methods to unlock Hotstar (I’m in Malaysia), since it’s the world cup finals soon.
    The only thing that works is a Smart DNS. I’m using Smart DNS proxy, and can watch the matches live on my iPad. Currently on their free trial.

  4. Lads, anybody have a solution to this issue ?? Smart SNS Proxy does work but only with wifi. Any help much appreciated.

  5. My VPN on desktop was working till today but not anymore. Any recommendations of DNS proxy services please?

  6. I can’t seem to get the VPN trick to work now.

    Does anyone know a DNS that works? Getflix doesn’t now.

  7. it still works as of 2nd week in January, however, I agree, it seems to have been tweaked so has on occasion taken me multiple tries. Easiest way of course is not to use a VPN 😉

  8. I have the same issue. It takes s few tries but eventually will work. I found the app will restart itself after you launch it, meaning the error appears again. Launch the app with Vpn connected. Launch Premium content andvlet it fail, the connect Vpn and retry. You may have to persevere, but it does still work.
    It is 04/04/2018 and I am in the Uk

  9. This was how I was doing it for a few weeks and then it seemed they’d closed the loop hole somehow (however the app had not been updated).

    I found if I kept trying with some quick switching I could get it to work.

    So it’s still possible if a bit of a faff.

    (This was on an iPad running iOS11 using openvpn)

  10. Looks like the Hotstar app is now continuously polling to check VPN services running, so this boot bypass option does not work any longer

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