Easily Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification No. 1 Guide!

We’re gonna learn how to how to bypass hotstar phone otp verification without even using an Indian phone number right now!

You might have noticed recently that after upgrading your Hotstar app that you are required to enter a code to watch content.

Here is how to Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification


In order to Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification you will need some items to get going

Here is what you need to get started

  • A device (in this example I will use Apple TV)
  • Access to a web browser
  • A VPN or DNS service (in this example I’ve inadvertantly used a combination of both but either one is fine so don’t let that confuse you.

Once you have all of the above items ready to go lets move on.

Step 1 – Close your apps

Seems obvious, but as the apps are geo restricted its best to close the apps altogether before starting. On iOS this involves double clicking home and swiping up.

Step 2 – Start your VPN or DNS service

Ensure your DNS service is switched on or if you use a VPN ensure it is connected to an Indian server.

Step 3 – Open Hotstar on your streaming device

Navigate to a premium item and click to play. You will then be greeted with a screen like this. This is where most people get stuck. But today we will learn how to Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification without even using phone!

Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification
(bad quality photo sorry)

Step 4 – Go to Hotstar.com

Note here that we are NOT going to the /activate URL. The verification, for Hotstar’s part is probably to try and avoid account sharing.

Once you go to Hotstar.com, sign in. But you have to do a series of steps for this as there are two ‘paths’ to login. We need the “unhappy path”.. which looks like this

Step 5 – the unhappy path

Click Premium – DO NOT CLICK LOGIN

bypass Hotstar OTP
Go to premium first

click on a premium movie or show, signified by the green and white crown icon

Bypass Hotstar OTP SMS Verification

The next step requires you to click on the “already a member – sign in”

Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification
Get ready to Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification 

Next you need to Login.

This step is critical. you MUST be logged into Hotstar BEFORE you click on the activate link. And in order to log in you need to, bizarrely, not use the regular log in link as shown in the first image.

Below you can see no number is completed. Just click “Have an email or facebook account”

Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification 

Enter your password and /or email address and then click done.

enter your password

Next we need to go to the activate link at Hotstar.com/activate

As you are already signed in. You will no longer be needed to put a mobile number in. Instead, your device will be cleared and you will see your user name, and a big green tick (slightly out of shot sorry) .

Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification 

You will now be able to access your stream on your streaming device and you should see the video you original chose start to play.

Step 6 – Crack a Beer Open

Thats right, because you just Bypassed Hotstar Phone Verification without even using phone

If this guide has helped you. Please share it with your friends. It helps a lot. It also helps if you choose one of these recommended services.

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2 thoughts on “Easily Bypass Hotstar Phone (OTP) Verification No. 1 Guide!”

  1. Thanks for your work.
    Is the sms verification mandatory now for every time I want to watch sth on the laptop?
    Can I also follow your “unhappy path” without any mobile (app) device – only laptop?

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