How To Bypass Netflix Proxy Error

How To Bypass Netflix Proxy Error

bypass netflix proxy error

Have you have received a Netflix Proxy Error when viewing Netflix USA? Have you been blocked from using either a VPN or a Smart DNS service? If so, then this is the page for you.

Netflix periodically blocks the IP addresses of VPN and DNS Proxy companies. Netflix has this done for the last three years at least.

This time though, Netflix have put quite a bit more effort into it.  Presumably they just want to make it difficult enough for the average person to forget about using proxies.  This website is for the average people though and knowledge is power. We will be Unlocking World TV my friends.

If you are here reading this, then I know you want to Bypass Netflix Proxy Error. Lets get to it.

Why is there a Netflix Proxy Error?

Netflix has taken a number of steps to block the use of proxies. In addition, it has ‘tagged’ some accounts as proxy users, as well as enforcing the use of Google’s public DNS servers.

Netflix also began enforcing geo-location restrictions on their video streams. Previously they only checked your location just prior to streaming. The Netflix Proxy Error occurs when you attempt to play a video from a country where that video is not normally available.

This makes it doubly hard to Bypass the Netflix Proxy Error. But there are ways for most devices.

SmartDNSProxy is a well known Smart DNS Proxy provider. It has good support, a simple product and great prices starting at little over $2 a month. So to unlock the extra thousands of videos on Netflix, SmartDNSProxy seems like a pretty sweet deal. Kudos to them for working around the Netflix Proxy Error issue and allowing us average folk the ability to Bypass Netflix Proxy Error in an easy way.

How Do I Bypass Netflix Proxy Error?

This depends on your device but the basic outline is this.

1) Sign Up to
2) Configure Static Routes on your router
3) Change your DNS addresses to the SmartDNSProxy addresses
4) Bypass the Netflix Error Automagically and Watch USA Netflix from anywhere in the world

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Unblock Netflix USA on PC

Unblock Netflix USA on Mac

Unblock Netflix USA on iPad

Unblock Netflix USA on iPhone

Unlock Netflix USA on Android

more to follow

What Static Routes Do I use to Bypass the Netflix Proxy Error Message

The table below shows the current routes required that should be input into your router

IPSubnet (or /32) (or /32) (or /20) (or /19) (or /20) (or /22) (or /18) (or /21) (or /17)

Choose a Router to Add Static Routes to

If you aren’t sure how t configure static routes then visit this page.

Here are a ton of guides for specific routers.


bypass netflix proxy error


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