How to Get Superbowl Sunday Free Anywhere in the world with a VPN!

Update February 2018 2017

How to Watch the Superbowl LII Free on Feb 4th 2018

Yes its that time of year again. Superbowl 51 is upon us, a great sporting event and an even better house party event!! But whats a Superbowl Party without the Superbowl?! Lets just make sure it doesn’t happen.

Here are some awesome ways to get Superbowl Sunday Free.

I’ve intentionally not listed any of the paid streams. There are plenty of them but these two have the same coverage with different commentary.I prefer US commentary, so I will go for NBC this time around.

Channels showing Super Bowl LII online

Super Bowl LI will be available live on both

on iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon tablets; and through connected devices including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft Xbox One. For the Super Bowl stream, users will not need to enter their pay-TV credentials for viewing — it will be free to anyone in the U.S. or UK

BBC 1 / BBC iPlayer

the UK always has a free Super Bowl, principally because the ball is the wrong shape. That and the rights to it are shared between Sky and the BBC.

there are a few ways to watch and i’ll list them here, the list is not exhaustive, but to get BBC1 in order to watch the Superbowl LII free you can

Visit iPlayer and watch online

Install iPlayer on the device of your choice, it supports Amazon Fire TV, all phones and tablets, Apple TV and all browsers

You can use TVPlayer online or the app for Apple TV, just be sure to visit the UK iTunes store (standard practice on unlock world TV is to have multiple accounts 😉)

If you live in the UK and don’t like the you can always use NBC instead.

You will need a VPN or a DNS service for NBC if you are outside the USA, or BBC if you are outside the UK.

Personally, i prefer to watch the USA streams as I prefer US commentary and punditry. But to each their own.  Easy to get a VPN or a DNS. IF this is a one off event for you and you don’t plan on streaming anything else online this year, then use a free trial from any of the providers below.  If you want to stream more regularly, then consider which service will best meet your online streaming and/or privacy needs.

These providers will all provide stellar streaming experiences!

Rank ProviderVisit
4smart dns

Enjoy, and Happy Superbowl Sunday!!

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