How to pay for Hotstar Premium (method 2)

update April 2020 – see this post for the easiest way to pay for Hotstar VIP
update September 2018 – iTunes is now the primary method of paying for hotstar premium

How to pay for Hotstar Premium (Workaround Method 2)

You may have seen in this guide that the Hotstar Credit Card Restriction made it difficult to purchase a subscription. One workaround was simply to use american express credit cards to buy your Hotstar Premium Account.  I appreciate that significantly narrows down the number you that will be able to subscribe without further messing.

Here is another method, whilst I haven’t done this myself, I’m 99.99% certain it will work although I will avoid offering a guarantee! Its not a new method its just new for you and your new app perhaps.

This method works with all countries and all app stores (even Google). It even works with Hulu Plus etc on principle.  The principle being Buy a local voucher or gift card to pay on a local website.

So how can you pay for hotstar premium?

Workaround for Hotstar credit card restriction on iPhone or iPad

So, for the iPhone and iPad owners amongst you you will already have downloaded the app using your new (or existing) Indian iTunes account.

Much like the Hotstar app itself, Apple locks their store by only allowing payments from locally issued  cards.  So again, you will be blocked. However, as anyone who has ever entered a retail shop ever has noticed, you can buy iTunes vouchers / gift cards with prolific ease!!

The only difference here is you need to by an Indian iTunes voucher i..e one FROM India and denominated in Rupees.

There is a seller on Amazon India that I found, I know of at least one instance of someone buying from this person and its Amazon so I’m fairly certain you will be safe.  As its Amazon you can shop and pay with any method and as its an iTunes voucher your an have it emailed to you for super fast results! Bonus. Here is the link to amazon and here is one to eBay. This seller also has good reviews

Once you have your voucher, top up your account.  Once you have done this you can make in app purchases within your iPhone app.

CAUTION: Once thing I have NOT been able to verify is whether you can use your subscription OFF the iDevices.  Normal practice is to sign up online THEN only top up your account using iTunes so it works everywhere.  This isn’t quite the same but you will already have a free hotstar account so it may still work.  If someone verifies whether a premium account bought on iPhone can be used on a PC/Mac that would be awesome!!

Workaround for Hotstar credit card restriction on Android

In progress.
This should work but I don’t have access to an android device right now to confirm he settings section. From memory it should be Settings > Language & Keyboard or something like that.

Much like the iPhone method above, you need to by an Indian Google Play Voucher and use it in your Indian Google Play account where you you got the app from.

If you downloaded the apk of the internet WITHOUT using google play, thats OK, but you need to create a google play account in India. (obviously without flying there!).

Other than that this method is exactly the same as the iTunes one.

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39 thoughts on “How to pay for Hotstar Premium (method 2)”

  1. Hi mike, I had the same problem with Bein connect, using express VPN… the game would freeze every few seconds. What changes did you make to the settings to fix this? Thanks.

  2. A follow-up to my message of 13th Sept. It works a treat. Can watch EVERY Prem league game live on BEInSportsCONNECT and have been doing it successfully for the last three weekends. The one thing to watch is the settings used on the VPN. When I started it was reducing my broadband speed from 50mbs down to 12 mbs and the matches were freezing regularly during transmission. I have mow teaked them so that the 50mbs speed is reduced to around 25-30 and the matches are shown without interruption. Brilliant !!

  3. I ‘m using PureVPN and have just obtained access to live EPL games without all the difficulty described above. I’m using BEin SportsCONNECT in New Zealand. I just connected my PC to New Zealand via the VPN and then subscribed on a monthly basis for $19.98 per month (around £11.50). It accepted my British Bank Debit Card for the payment with no problems. It’s Wednesday today but they appear to be covering every EPL game – they have them all listed live for next Saturday / Sunday. So, don’t bother with all these convoluted methods of using ITunes/Google Play gift cards – they didn’t work for me anyway.
    I will post an update after the weekend of the 16th/17th Sept to indicate whether I was able to watch Watford v Man City etc.

  4. Has anyone managed to do this successfully with android? Judging by comments it seems only iTunes works.

    My only apple device is an iPod touch 4th gen so it doesn’t support the app or my VPN so I guess I’m screwed.

  5. Can someone walkthrough how they bought the indian google cards? Everytime i try and get one it says i need an indian address.

    Can anyone confirm how they paid for it aswell. Does anywhere use paypal?

  6. Hey
    thanks again for your help. I was away the last weekends and couldnt try it further anyway but now I finally round to it. Bought a getflix lifetime subscription, and guess what, it works!
    So happy! Thanks again! Absolutely amazing, really glad 🙂
    Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work!

  7. Has anyone tried with Android? How you do pay with the Google gift card in the app? I cant seem to find that option and im only one step away, so frustrating.
    Please someone help me.
    Thanks in advance

  8. also, and this is opinion rather than fact. Companies who supported starsports are assuming hot star works as they had a quick go of a free account and it seemed ok. But i bet none of them have signed up for an actual premium account as its hard work! that HBO stuff is locked down pretty good even you you do get a premium account. I worked with smart DNS proxy and they logged in using my account to try and get around it and they did in just over an hour. great support from SDNSP i have to say. I’m willing to bet they are the only ones who have properly tested it

  9. im not familiar with DNS4me. I try and stick to a small number of companies for the site so people don’t get confused to be honest as there are so many of them nowadays. maybe reset your apple tv region and dis to your local ones. Ensure your router has been restarted then restart the apple tv. that should put it back to normal. and then try the DNS again. Also double check you don’t need to select some option within the DNS4me control panel / region settings if they have one. I notice that channels are started to be bundled together, which means you can’t have ALL channels unlocked ALL of the time. I have to say, as much as i love smartDNSProxy, overplay is the best for that as each channel is listed with its own region selector! thats pretty cool in my book

  10. Hey thanks again for coming back to me. I really appreciate it!
    I did it in the right order, created my free account first on the website.
    I am using dns4me. So far I had good experience with them. Worked last year with star sports and they definitely list hotstar as a service they provide… but yeah could be that potentially, even though other services work.

  11. which DNS do you have? smartDNSProxy is the only one I know of that supports this service and that is because i personally worked with them on it. It doesn’t work with overplay definitely! I tested that too and confirmed they don’t support it.

    im not certain the order you did things. I would normally sign up for a free account on the website, not in the app. Then the idea of the iTunes method is you log into your free account within the app and THEN upgrade to premium. If thats what you have already done then confirm which DNS provider you are using please.

    Also, and I can’t stress this enough, restart your devices! also, no need to change your iDevice region for this one. Only Eleven sports needs a region change 🙂

  12. ahhh okay sorry, I was confused there. Always thought it meant it was old information. But thanks for clarifying. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you btw, was pretty busy at work and away all weekend.
    I eventually received the code, all well. Logged into my new indian itunes account on my ipad and then downloaded the hotstar app from the Indian app store.
    However, when I now try to select premium content (GoT) for instance (no footy on atm) it gives me an error saying “Sorry, Premium Membership is currently available only in India”.
    I checked and my DNS is definitely working, so that cant be the issue. I also changed the region on my iPad to india, so dont really know where the problem lies.
    Can you help by any chance?

  13. Also, I can verify that I used my iPad to set it all up i.e. Indian iTunes, download app, redeem gift card. Then could log in to the website on my Mac and access premium content.

  14. Used this method and it worked perfectly. Bought the iTunes Gift Card from Amazon link you recommended, and it was emailed to me within ~4hours. I sent a message just to confirm I’d receive it digitally. Followed all the steps to set up iTunes account etc etc. Does look like quality isn’t as great as last year (bizarre considering it’s now ‘Premium’) but still excellent quality even on my TV. Cheers!

  15. yes pretty much all of my links have a strike through. It was the default theme and I’m loathe to change it now. Otherwise the links feature as plain text so you would never know there was a link there! A classic example of rock and a hard place! Have a look at the main thread for Hotstar, I’m sure someone said they bought the iTunes card from amazon. no on in Indi is going to mail a card they would probably just ask if they could email it anyway!

  16. Well I was confused as the link you provided appeared to be crossed out?
    I asked a question on amazon but there were already a few others asking the same with no answer, so I thought someone here might have tried 🙂

  17. the one i linked to was recommended by another site for that reason. But just contact them. They would surely love to email it to you instead as it will save them a LOT of time and hassle!

  18. Okay got it so far but now buying the iTunes gift card.
    Same problem as Simon, can someone confirm that the amazon seller sends the gift cards digital via email and not via post? I have to enter an Indian post address, so thats why I am asking.

  19. you have either not used a PC to do this OR you perhaps missed it. Its on the right hand side of all the payment options and it simply says None. It cannot be done on a tablet or mobile device though

  20. I tried creating an iTunes India account using your instructions, but it seems you can’t create an account without setting up a credit card, the option of no payment method isn’t there. Is there any alternative?

  21. Hi. Please can you explain how do you set up a free Hotstar account? When I go to a free video it seems to automatically recognize my Facebook account.

  22. How do you get the gift card emailed to you, on amazon check out you must have an address. Will they mail the gift card?

    Please help/

  23. BEFORE doing this, create a hotstar FREE account. Once you have that proceed on a PC or MAC.

    1) set up a new indian iTunes account on a PC guide here its a little dated screenshot wise but nothing has changed.
    2) select NONE as the payment method. Complete the sign up by verifying your email.
    3) buy the indian iTunes voucher using the link in the article or by doing your own google search
    4) load the voucher to your indian account
    5) download Hotstar premium on your iDevice whilst logged into your new Indian iTunes account
    6) make an in app purchase for Hotstar Premium on your iDevice
    7) you can now use your account on the PC too

  24. I feel really stupid but can anyone in the comments break down the steps to do this. I have an IPad/PC/Anroid phone but would prefer to use PC.


  25. Yeah both PC and app work, but you may need to sign out and sign back in to the PC to activate premium account.

  26. I´m under the impression you need to have a credit card on file with iTunes to make in-app purchases, even though you are using a voucher. Can you confirm you no not need a card attached to the account? And that you can use vouchers with no issues?

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