How to pay for Hotstar Premium (method 2)

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update September 2018 – iTunes is now the primary method of paying for hotstar premium

How to pay for Hotstar Premium (Workaround Method 2)


You may have seen in this guide that the Hotstar Credit Card Restriction made it difficult to purchase a subscription. One workaround was simply to use american express credit cards to buy your Hotstar Premium Account.  I appreciate that significantly narrows down the number you that will be able to subscribe without further messing.

Here is another method, whilst I haven’t done this myself, I’m 99.99% certain it will work although I will avoid offering a guarantee! Its not a new method its just new for you and your new app perhaps.

This method works with all countries and all app stores (even Google). It even works with Hulu Plus etc on principle.  The principle being Buy a local voucher or gift card to pay on a local website.

So how can you pay for hotstar premium?

Workaround for Hotstar credit card restriction on iPhone or iPad

So, for the iPhone and iPad owners amongst you you will already have downloaded the app using your new (or existing) Indian iTunes account.

Much like the Hotstar app itself, Apple locks their store by only allowing payments from locally issued  cards.  So again, you will be blocked. However, as anyone who has ever entered a retail shop ever has noticed, you can buy iTunes vouchers / gift cards with prolific ease!!

The only difference here is you need to by an Indian iTunes voucher i..e one FROM India and denominated in Rupees.

There is a seller on Amazon India that I found, I know of at least one instance of someone buying from this person and its Amazon so I’m fairly certain you will be safe.  As its Amazon you can shop and pay with any method and as its an iTunes voucher your an have it emailed to you for super fast results! Bonus. Here is the link to amazon and here is one to eBay. This seller also has good reviews

Once you have your voucher, top up your account.  Once you have done this you can make in app purchases within your iPhone app.

CAUTION: Once thing I have NOT been able to verify is whether you can use your subscription OFF the iDevices.  Normal practice is to sign up online THEN only top up your account using iTunes so it works everywhere.  This isn’t quite the same but you will already have a free hotstar account so it may still work.  If someone verifies whether a premium account bought on iPhone can be used on a PC/Mac that would be awesome!!

Workaround for Hotstar credit card restriction on Android

In progress.
This should work but I don’t have access to an android device right now to confirm he settings section. From memory it should be Settings > Language & Keyboard or something like that.

Much like the iPhone method above, you need to by an Indian Google Play Voucher and use it in your Indian Google Play account where you you got the app from.

If you downloaded the apk of the internet WITHOUT using google play, thats OK, but you need to create a google play account in India. (obviously without flying there!).

Other than that this method is exactly the same as the iTunes one.

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