How to Watch Bein Sports on iPad

This guide will show you how to watch Bein Sports on iPad

That’s right, no matter where you are in the word, you can get the Bein Sports App on your iPad and stream content from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in HD at a fraction of the cost of anywhere else in the world.

I’m going to show you

  • How to Watch Bein Sports on iPad
  • How to subscribe to Bein Sports
  • and how to use a VPN to get Bein Sports

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Watching Bein Sports on iPad

Step 1 – Getting the app

The Bein Sports app is only available in territories where the content is licensed. This covers all the countries in the UAE inclusive of Egypt, Bahrain Abu Dhabi etc.

The best way to get the app is to use a PC or Laptop.  This is because iPads and iPhones make signing up to a new account without payment information very difficult or impossible.

So, go to the iTunes app store on your PC and create a new account in the country of your choosing. I used Egypt which works just fine.  You need to have an email address to sign up and the email address must

1) be a real valid email

2) not already belong to any iTunes account worldwide

Once you have the app move on to the next step

Step 2 – Creating a Bein Sports account

As with anything on the app store, if there is a choice to make an account on a website then do it there. This is true for Bein Sports.  go to and create an account.

You can use this guide for a step by step guide on the process if you need to but its really straight forward. You can use a debit or credit card and even paypal to sign up!

Once your account is up and running move onto the next step

Step 3 – Accessing Bein Sports from the UK, USA or anywhere

So you now have your paid subscription and the app. You would probably have worked out by now that the content itself is geo locked. Not to worry though.

All you need to access the content is a VPN or a DNS service. If you aren’t sure of the difference between the two then this guide will give you a quick overview.

If you want to use a DNS service this will cost about $5 a month. They are extremely easy to use and will come with the added advantage that they also work for Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and many more online services around the world. Both Overplay and Unblock-US are preconfigured to work with Bein Sports for people outside MENA countries.

If you want to use a VPN service, then there is also a huge pool of companies to help you out.  I have reviewed some providers. You can see the reviews here if you want to read up on the providers a little more.

However, IPVanish, PureVPN, HideMyAss! and Astrill are all excellent choices for Bein Sports.

Each of these providers offers you free software to download from the app store.  Whichever provider you choose, it’s a simple case of choosing a server in the right country.

Start your VPN software, login, select a server and then you are ready to open your Bein Sports app and enjoy HD sport wherever you are.

And that it. All done.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to watch BeIN Sports on iPad. If you have any questions please post them in the comments!

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