How To Watch DAZN Outside the USA

How To Watch DAZN Outside the USA

DAZN is an on demand sports provider. You may well have only heard of them recently because the worlds most famous Heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua signed a deal with them. See here

How to Watch DAZN Outside the USADAZN is currently geo restricted. This means you cant watch is outside of  Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Japan or the United states.  If you try and access it, you’ll be treated with this screen.. No dice.

How to Watch DAZN Outside the USA

Bizarrely DAZN originally launched in the UK, but since Sky Sports has the monopoly over most big sporting events, it didn’t last.  So if you want to watch DAZN in the UK, we are going to have to look at some workaround.

Firstly, DAZN can be accessed using a VPN.

It really is that simple, once you connect to your VPN you can change your location to one of the allowable countries and br granted access. Winning.

A list of recommended providers is below. I’ve used all of these myself which is why o only provide a very small list of providers rather than have a huge list.  I can vouch for all of these.

Rank ProviderVisit

Why Unlock DAZN with a VPN

As well as simplicity, and ability to watch on any device, a VPN adds a number of other benefits, 1) you can change reg