How to Watch Eleven Sports Outside Taiwan

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How to Watch Eleven Sports Outside Taiwan

Eleven Sports has been around a while in Asia and in July 2016 it managed to scoop up the rights to the English Premier League. That means you can watch a minimum of 6 2016/17 premier league season games per week for the low price of £16 or $21.45 PER YEAR. Read on and I will explain How to Watch Eleven Sports Outside Taiwan.

How to Watch Eleven Sports Outside Taiwan

Eleven sports supports PC and Mac and has apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. That means you can use Eleven Sports on Apple TV via Airplay, and it can also be side loaded onto an Amazon Fire TV Stick, or any android box for that matter.

Access Denied, Geo blocked error and VPN solution

If you attempt to access, you will be greeted with the following screen and you will not be able to gain access.

How to watch eleven sports in uk is geographically restricted for streaming. Let me show you now how to watch Eleven Sports outside Taiwan.

Firstly, sign up with Express VPN.


I have tested Eleven Sports with Express VPN so can recommend them. Download the Express VPN app for whichever system you wish to view Eleven Sports outside Taiwan.

Log into Express VPN within the app and choose a server located in Taiwan. Wait for it to connect.

Go to, you will now see this screen

how to watch eleven sports outside taiwan

Sign up, pay the 690 taiwanese dollars (£16 / $21.45) and  Log into your new account.

Congratulations you are done.

Smart DNS Solution for to watch Eleven Sports Outside Taiwan.

Currently no smart DNS provider supports Eleven Sports. UnlockWorldTV is in contact with some to try and arrange support. This post will be updated as and when there is an update in this regard.

How to watch with Watch Eleven Sports Outside Taiwan with VPN and benefits of vpn in addition to unlocking channel

As you will be using a VPN to access Eleven Sports, you might want to take advantage of the may other benefits VPN services can provide, including

  • Accessing all of your favourite services when you are on the move
  • Watching Movie streaming and YouTube at peak times without your ISP throttling your connection
  • Browsing the internet securely and greatly improving your overall online security and privacy
  • Downloading files off the internet safely without risking a letter from your ISP, or even a movie studio or the RIAA!

With a VPN you can watch any service you currently subscribe to wherever you go! Perhaps you are from Taiwan and you are away on holiday or business? Just fire up your VPN and access your home services just as you would at home.

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