How To Watch Every EFL, League 1 and League 2 Game anywhere

How to watch every EFL, League 1 and League 2 game for your club

Let me show you How To Watch Every EFL, League 1 and League 2 games using a new service called iFollow.

IFollow is a club specific service that lets subscribe to and watch every home and away game from your favourite team. To quote their site

iFollow will, for the first time in English football, enable EFL fans based outside the UK and Ireland to watch their team during the regular EFL season.

With an estimated 270,000 EFL fans based outside the UK, iFollow will allow clubs to enable their supporters to follow the action wherever they are in the world.

Kicking off at the start of the 2017/18 EFL season, overseas subscribers will pay the equivalent of £110 per season for the service which will provide coverage of up to 46 live games per club.

More than 1,500 matches will be available in HD quality, with iFollow showing every EFL league match live unless that match has been selected by the EFL’s overseas broadcast partners.

So whilst it isn’t every single game like the way BeIN or Hotstar treat the Premier League. This is a really good way of both showing a shed load more games AND creating a great accessible way to watch the team you actually care about most. This is How To Watch Every EFL, League 1 and League 2 games for your own team.

As is usual with these things there’s always a catch and this is no exception. In fact there are two catches.

  1. pre arranged televised games from international broadcasters cannot be shown due to exclusivity rights
  2. It is only available to fans outside the UK. That’s right. Continued disdain from the FA to British fans who are nothing more than a cash cow

However, since you didn’t  visit unlockworldtv to be told no, lets blow this mother wide open!

Where can you watch iFollow?

Officially iFollow is available only to users outside of the UK & Ireland. Although you can access iFOllow in the UK this will not allow you to Watch Every EFL, League 1 and League 2 game.

How do I sign up to iFollow?

iFollow is club specific. This means you need to go to your clubs website to sign up. Provided your club has signed up you will be able to Watch Every EFL, League 1 and League 2 game for your chosen club.

Are all clubs available through iFollow?

No. Here is a statement off the website

Please note that the iFollow service is only available to clubs playing in the EFL during the 2017/18 season and who have opted in to utilise the iFollow platform. Those clubs who have not will have access to the same live streaming opportunity and will be able to provide their fans with access through their own club digital services.

We are therefore unable to provide subscriptions to fans of:-

Accrington Stanley,

Aston Villa,

Birmingham City,

Bristol City,

Charlton Athletic,

Derby County,


Hull City,

Forest Green Rovers,

Leeds United,



Sunderland and

Wolverhampton Wanderers.

How much is iFollow?

iFollow if £110 per season per club. So for example, if you wanted to watch Aston Villa, then its £110 for the season. If you had a second team you wanted to follow, then you would need to double up! This is designed with club supporters in mind, not with league followers in mind.  to be fair, most fans are interested in only the league games their chosen team are playing in so its not a bad thing.

In differing currencies it looks like this

Australia – AUD$185

Canada – CAD$190

EU – €130

USA – $140

However, i believe that signing up for £45 in the UK and switching regions will unblock the games for a far lower price. I’ve been unable to confirm this yet. Maybe I could set up a patreon to fund the £45 to test it? Let me know in the comments you think this is a good idea. The FAQ on the site states that a user from outside the UK & Ireland travelling TO the UK and Ireland will not be able to watch live games but SHOULD be able to access the live audio. This suggests heavily that the package you get is geo-restricted but portable.

I am therefore 90% confident that signing up for a cheap £45 iFollow pass and changing your VPN to the USA as an example will get you EVERYTHING.

Is every single game for every club available?

Yes and No.  Yes, every single game is available. But no, not necessarily on iFollow. The reason being that the televised games for the 2017/18 season for overseas have already been announced and will continue to be announced with at least 5 weeks notice throughout the season. Therefore, it is not possible to broadcast twice in the same country due to exclusivity.

In addition some clubs CAN stream the games but will use their own platform.

So you should still be able to watch every game, but the broadcasts will be shared across a local service and your iFollow account.  This rule will disproportionately affect big teams and popular teams since they get the most audiences anyway. So your mod table League 1’s and 2’s probably have little to worry about. Most teams are guaranteed just a couple of broadcast games (normally those against bigger teams) so you will get the most value out of seeing the most games for your £110 subscription cost.

Does it show cup games or play off games?

No. Nada. Nothing. Nil Point. This is not the service for you if this is your main concern.

Is there a list of games that will NOT be available on iFollow?

There sure is.  Its at the bottom of this post.

What VPN or DNS providers can I use?

At the moment, DNS providers don’t seem set up. So it looks like VPN is the best way to go. Any VPN provider with a good infrastructure will work. Ive used all of these either recently or in some cases currently. Any of them will suit this service

Rank ProviderVisit

How do I subscribe?

Go to your club site and click on iFollow. Then follow the guide.

If you are int he UK the sign up screen looks like this

Watch Every EFL, League 1 and League 2 Game

If you are anywhere else in the world it looks like this (with the local currency obviously)

Non UK iFollow

List of excluded iFollow games

These are the games currently excluded from broadcast.  The link to the updated list is attached if you beat me to updating it!

Fri 4th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Sunderland v Derby County (7:45pm)
Sat 5th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Fulham v Norwich City (3:00pm)
Sat 5th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Aston Villa v Hull City (5:30pm)
Sun 6th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Bolton Wanderers v Leeds United (4:30pm)
Sat 12th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Brentford v Nottingham Forest (3:00pm)
Sat 12th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Middlesbrough v Sheffield United (5:30pm)
Fri 18th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Burton Albion v Birmingham City (7:45pm)
Sat 19th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Sheffield United v Barnsley (3:00pm)
Sat 19th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Sunderland v Leeds United (5:30pm)
Fri 25th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Bristol City v Aston Villa (7:45pm)
Sat 26th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Burton Albion v Sheffield Wednesday (3:00pm)
Sat 26th Aug: Sky Bet Championship – Nottingham Forest v Leeds United (5:30pm)
Sat 2nd Sep: Sky Bet League One – Bradford City v Bristol Rovers (12:30pm)
Sat 2nd Sep: Sky Bet League One – Doncaster Rovers v Peterborough United (3:00pm)
Sun 3rd Sep: Sky Bet League One – Blackburn Rovers v Fleetwood Town (12:15pm)
Sun 3rd Sep: Sky Bet League One – Portsmouth v Rotherham United (2:30pm)
Fri 8th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Derby County v Hull City (7:45pm)
Sat 9th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Bolton Wanderers v Middlesbrough (3:00pm)
Sat 9th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Sheffield Wednesday v Nottingham Forest (5:30pm)
Sat 16th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Hull City v Sunderland (3:00pm)
Sat 16th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Barnsley v Aston Villa (5:30pm)
Fri 22nd Sep: Sky Bet League Two – Forest Green Rovers v Swindon Town (7:45pm)
Sat 23rd Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Derby County v Birmingham City (3:00pm)
Sat 23rd Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest (5:30pm)
Sun 24th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield United (1:15pm)
Fri 29th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Queens Park Rangers v Fulham (7:45pm)
Sat 30th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Ipswich Town v Bristol City (3:00pm)
Sat 30th Sep: Sky Bet Championship – Reading v Norwich City (5:30pm)
Sun 1st Oct: Sky Bet Championship – Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds United (12:15pm)



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  1. Just tried to sign up to follow AFC Wimbledon for the 2019/2020 season, and the form requires a UK phone number. Epic fail.

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