How To Watch Every F1 Race for Free in 2017

Lets see how we can watch every F1 race for free in 2017 !!

This article was originally published on March 10th 2015 and has been updated on March 14th 2017

Firstly,  I compiled this list based on simple and strict criteria

1) it has to be broadcast online

2) it has to be generally free (as opposed to getting free trials to various services), and;

3) it has to be in English / dual language

The new formula 1 (F1) season starts on  26th of March, 2017 with the Australian Grand Prix. As usual there are a mixture of both free and paid streaming channels that will be broadcasting all Formula 1 2017 races online.

Most channels, depending where you lie will be geo locked.  So, Hotstar is geolocked in outside India, Channel 4 is geo locked outside the UK.  So you will need some flexibility to be able to switch between channels. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Free F1 Streams for 2017

  • Channel 4 (known as 4OD) (UK)
  • SRG (Switzerland)
  • ORF (austria)
  • Rai Play (Italy)
  • Network 10 (Australia)

All of the above broadcast free formula 1 streams for the 2017 season. A SmartDNS or VPN will be required to use any channel outside of its designated country.  All of these channels have apps available for various platforms too.

Free F1 streaming channel like 4oD are geoblocked. In this guide, I will show you how to watch these channels anywhere in the world using either VPN or Smart DNS services.

Most of the channels can be accessed on some or all of these platforms too:

  • Apple TV
  • FireStick
  • Xbox
  • PC
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Roku
  • ps4

Paid F1 streams 2017

Cheapest f1 streams 2017

The rest of the paid streams

  • Sky Sports 1 (Now TV)
  • Ziggo Sport Totaal (Netherlands)
  • Fox Sports (Aus)
  • TV3 (Denmark)
  • Sky Italia
  • Super Sports (SA)

As I am in the UK I already knew that the F1 rights are in their fourth year of shared broadcasting with the pay TV conglomerate that is Sky (Newscorp).  So the BBC get ten races a year which are shown for free (assuming you won’t be getting a TV license!)

Second of all, i checked out Australia. Turns out they have a similar deal in that Ten share rights with FOX (also Newscorp i believe).

Lastly, I checked out the USA. Now this one was a bit complicated.  You will see i listed NBC for some games, but don’t confuse this with NCB Sports Central (NBCSC) which is the subscription service in the USA that has an awesome app and every single EPL game!  NBC has three channels CNBC, NBC and NBCSC.  NBC is Free to Air (FTA).

The table below shows all of the races and which channels are showing them. In order to make this as easy as possible you should get a VPN service with both UK, USA and Australian servers, which is really easy since almost all have it, but I will list some at the end.  Falling that there are some DNS services that will work, also shown at the end.

First off though, lets look at what you came here for! How to watch every F1 Race for free in 2017 with a full F1 Schedule and channel guide. There is at least 1 free option per race in this table but please let me know in the comments if you know more.

1Australian Grand PrixMarch 24 – 26Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / tenplay
2Chinese Grand PrixApril 7 – 9Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo
3Bahrain Grand PrixApril 14 – 16Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI
4Russian Grand PrixApril 28 – 30Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / tenplay
5Spanish Grand PrixMay 12 – 14Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo
6Monaco Grand PrixMay 25 – 28Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI / tenplay
7Canadian Grand PrixJune 9 – 11Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo
8Azerbaijani Grand PrixJune 23 – 25Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / tenplay
9Austrian Grand PrixJuly 7 – 9Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI
10British Grand PrixJuly 14 – 16Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / tenplay
11Hungarian Grand PrixJuly 28 – 30Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI
12Belgian Grand PrixAugust 25 – 27Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / tenplay
13Italian Grand PrixSeptember 1 – 3Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI
14Singapore Grand PrixSeptember 15 – 17Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI / tenplay
15Malaysian Grand PrixSeptember 29 – October 1Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / tenplay
16Japanese Grand PrixOctober 6 – 8Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo
17United States Grand PrixOctober 20 – 22Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI
18Mexican Grand PrixOctober 27 – 29Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI / tenplay
19Brazilian Grand PrixNovember 10 – 12Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo
20Abu Dhabi Grand PrixNovember 24 – 26Channel 4 / Sky / Hotstar / Ziggo / RAI / tenplay

*If you spot any errors or have any suggestions please let me know in the comments! For further details about F1 in general I found a great website called F1 Fanatic. I suggest you check them out!

wikipedia has a great summary of F1 broadcast rights 2017f1 2017 streams


So which service should you use for F1 2017?

You need to choose between either a DNS or VPN service. If you aren’t sure of the difference, I discussed the major ones in this article.  

Here are the ones i’ve used myself and recommend.

Rank ProviderVisit
4smart dns


If you have any other questions, put them in the comments box and if you like this content please share it with your friends


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