How to Watch Every NFL Game Live From Anywhere in The World

How to Watch Every NFL Game Live From Anywhere in The World

Updated September 2016 – This post was originally published in September 2015

The NFL is now underway and wherever you are you don’t have to miss a game! Hopefully you have heard of NFL Game Pass. An awesome online service that shows every single game.Ill show you How to Watch Every NFL Game Live From Anywhere in The World.

Watch NFL Game Pass Anywhere in the World

The thing is, if you live in the USA, Direc TV has the monopoly on live games so you have to watch replays only! If you live in the UK or Ireland, you need an expensive Sky Sports service.

Nay.  With a VPN or Smart DNS service you can watch every single game LIVE. How?

Your VPN service will make your location appear to be outside of both the US and UK.  For example, placing yourself in a European country such as Belgium, means you escape all the blackouts and broadcast rights restrictions.

The NFL league changed its streaming options for NFL fans wanting to watch live games online in the US. From 31st July 2015, it discontinued its Game Rewind streaming service in the US and replaced it instead with NFL Game Pass, a service that’s been available outside the US for some time now.

What is NFL Game Pass?

For Americans, this new streaming service provides access to all 256 regular season NFL games on demand. However, regular season games will NOT be streamed live. It also offers an NFL preseason games live online depending on your chosen subscription package.

There are a number of subscription options available, including one just for your teams games. So, you still have a great option for watching your favourite team’s NFL preseason games online. This option is great if you are unlikely to watch the games live anyway! For example if you live in the UK and the time zone means the game starts too late (read 11pm UK time when you need to get up for work!)

What platforms can I watch the NFL Game Pass on?

You can watch the NFL Game Pass on a number of media or streaming players including but not limited to the Xbox One, Apple TV, iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, tablets, computers and no doubt more devices to be announced shortly.

Another great feature, depending on your sub package is that you can watch every NFL game since 2009 on demand! SO if you have a lot of time then that might be for you!!

If you love the NFL, don’t want cable or satellite or have been thinking about cutting the cord and going all digital, then this is a really good option for you.

Can I watch NFL Game Pass outside the USA

Absolutely you can, but the games you get depend a little on where you are, or where you appear to be at least.  See the sections below for a run down.

Can I Watch the NFL Game Pass in Canada?

Yes. However, the Canadian NFL Game Pass is subject to blackouts!  Not really much point then with better options available.

Watching the NFL Game Pass in the UK and Ireland

This is a good option there’s no doubt.  But there are restrictions.  In the UK, the rights to the Super Bowl are shared between the BBC and Sky UK.  So you won’t be able to watch that game.  In addition, no game already being broadcast by Sky will be allowed to stream on the NFL Game Pass in the UK and Ireland.

Sky have about 3 games a week and they normally have the ‘good ones’. So whilst the Game Pass is really good value, you probably wouldn’t want to get both Sky and the NFL Game Pass unless you absolutely adore the NFL and have some spare change as the package will set you back around £75 a month for Sky Sports + the cost of the Game Pass.

Watching the NFL Game Pass Anywhere Else in the World

Outside of the USA, Canada and the UK, the NFL Game Pass really comes into its own.  You can watch every game live and on demand. It has a whole host of cool features including Condensed Games of 30 minutes and the legendary NFL Redzone Live which shows every touchdown from every game!

Basically, what you need is a mainland European subscription, Australian or a South American one.

Are all NFL Game Passes The Same Price?

NO! Who knew!  The NFL Game Price differs from country to country.  Rather than list all the prices lets get straight to that burning question…

Whats the Cheapest NFL Game Pass Price?

Below are the USA Price, UK Price, Mainland Europe Price and the Mexican and Brazilian Price for the Season Pass Plus package.

Try to contain your surprise when I tell you the UK NFL Game Pass is the cheapest. As you can see below, most plans are very close in price. There are probably a few reasons for this, not least, the follow my team pass has gone, as has the mid tier package. All thats left is a weekly plan and the full plan, Season Pass Plus. The UK price has obviously been made before we decided to ruin the currency and the Brazilian Real has gone up in value.

Don’t forget, to ensure you get live games with the NFL Game Pass and avoid the NFL Blackouts, sign up to an international pass, it doesn’t matter which, just don’t get the USA one.

Belgium 2016/17 €179 (2015/16 €145 or $165)

USA 2016/17 $199 (2015/16 $160)

UK 2016/17 £140 / $185 (2015/16 $155)

Brazil 2016/17 $196 R655 2015/16 $105

Mexico 2016/17 $3600 Pesos / $187

Is It Worth Watching the USA NFL Game Pass?

I think so. Its hard to catch every game live and the USA Game Pass allows you to watch football games on demand the day after they air, includes all 256 games, preseason games, and even archived games games from the 2009-2015 seasons, including the Super Bowls from these years.

This is great for those who want to watch the games they missed later on with no advertisements or interruptions. It’s also a great idea for someone who doesn’t have time to catch their favourite team’s games live as they air.

What VPN Service works best with NFL Game Pass?

ProviderReviewMonthly CostVisit
IPVanish IPVanish Review$6.49 Subscribe
ExpressVPN ExpressVPN Review$8.32 Subscribe
Vypr VPN Astrill Review$6.67 Subscribe
HideMyAss! HideMyAss! Review$6.55 Subscribe
PureVPN Pure VPN Review$4.16 Subscribe

What DNS Service works best with NFL Game Pass?

Pure VPN DNS Service$2.99Visit

I hope this guide helps and let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

Watch Every NFL Game Live Anywhere in the World

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  1. I bought subscription for $29/yearly and I watch NFL on XXXXXXXX right now. I can highly recommend it for you guys if you are in work or just don’t have around you

  2. hi, thank you for your comment. This site is only for official streams and so i have removed the link to the service you mentioned.
    We do not support, nor condone pirate streams

  3. I bought subscription on for 29$/year and I watching Every NFL games in HD. I can highly recommend it for you if you are in work or just don’t have tv around you. XXXXXXX.COM is Best TV broadcaster of tha year……

  4. I use the NFL Gamepass International in the Philippines. The 2017 price is $199.99. You get all regular season games, the playoffs, and Super Bowl. You can watch them live or delayed. I watch the late games live, but generally stream the one o’clock games the next morning so I get a normal night’s sleep.

  5. you can get the NFL game pass in New Zealand and there shouldn’t be any black outs so you should be ale to get all 256 regular season games. Also you should you not need a vpn or dns (although if you did it would not be outside the law anyway). As a backup TVNZ show a game a week for free if you get really stuck, otherwise there is only 1 more game per week on sky

  6. I am moving to New Zealand later this year. I do assume the international game pass is there as well? New Zealand pricing as well I am sure.. Are post season games available? Is the game pass available on Roku out there and what about post season games?? I won’t use a VPN or proxy service to circumvent the law..but it is very important I get all the games over there – preferrably live and yes, the time difference might make for late night viewing but that’s ok…..if the game pass works over there then I’ll use it, otherwise I will try SkyTv because I do think they have NFL
    Anyhelp you can give me is appreciated as this move is for business but leaving the NFL behind is quite stressful to think about!

  7. I think i need to update this. The DNS service is separate (as in, in addition to a vpn) but only IF you buy the 12 month VPN package. In which case its free. If you DONT buy the 12 month package, you need to pay the fee in addition to the regular VPN subscription cost. The table isn’t clear though, i will take a look at that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention

  8. How can you differentiate between the two, the VPN and DNS ?
    As you table for Pure vpn showed it’s two service (as a VPN & Dns).

  9. I don’t know how to watch nfl absolutely free, but on ScreenVariety Tv you can buy access to cheap hd with NFL Network

  10. I bought subscription for $29/yearly and I watch NFL on ScreenVariety Tv right now. I can highly recommend it for you guys if you are in work or just don’t have around you

  11. I am moving from Minnesota to Indonesia. Once I am there can I sign up to get all the games on my computer?

  12. Hello.. If I buy a gamepass in germany, can I watch footballgames when I’m in the netherlands?
    We will connect pc to television to watch.The pass owner lives in germany, stay’s regular in the netherlands.
    thank you

  13. I used this last year. Bought the UK version & watched most games live via Google Chrome with the “Hola” VPN plugin. It worked pretty well, but although my Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV streams are perfect (I have a fast Internet connection), my Game Pass viewing experience was jittery and sometimes difficult to watch (lots of buffering). It was better than not seeing games at all, but don’t expect to always have a level of quality that you’d want if you were hosting guests to watch the game.

  14. So if I buy gamepass in Canada, can i then use the DNS and set myself up in Belgium and get every game? Or do I have to buy a Belgian gamepass account?

  15. thanks. I have removed the recommendation because I highly doubt the legitimacy of the service. Please don’t be offended but I won’t risk the readership going to that site. If it gets continually recommended perhaps I will change my mind, but as they appear to have programming that i know is exclusive elsewhere I can’t see how it is a legal option and this site ONLY has legal options. Thank you for your input though. Admin @ UnlockworldTV

  16. I don’t know how to watch free but for few $ you can watch it on REMOVED (Scam potential). There you can watch that game without any blackouts or some other popups.

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