How to Watch Fubo Outside the USA

How to Watch Fubo Outside the USA

This guide will show you how to watch Fubo outside the USA.

What is Fubo TV?

Fubo is a sports network focussed entirely both Football (Soccer) and solely via online streaming. Perfect for Unlockworldtv fans

What platforms can I watch Fubo TV on?


you can watch Fubo TV on Fire TV, android, iOS, PC, Mac, Roku, iPhone or iPad!

tip: You may be able to watch it on ps4 too via the bein sports app on the playstation store in Saudi but that is outside the scope of this guide!

What leagues are shown on Fubo?

Fubo TV offers a wide range of live soccer from top leagues, such as:

  1. Spain’s Primera Division,
  2. Italy’s Serie A,
  3. Portugal’s Primeira Liga,
  4. Mexico’s Copa MX & Liga MX,
  5. MLS,
  6. France’s Ligue 1,
  7. Argentina Primera Division
  8. Uruguayan Primera Division,
  9. Copa America Centenario,
  10. CONMEBOL qualifiers
  11. Benfica TV (includes Benfica home games)

This list is not exhaustive.

However, in addition to Fubo TV itself having these leagues, your subscription also gets you access to BeIN Sports Connect. This gives you a mss of programming with up to 9 additional games being able to be shown. You can even get plentiful championship or EFL games (cup and league).

How much is Fubo TV?

Fubo TV costs $9.99 per month and there is no contract it is exclusively $9.99 per month on a month by month basis. Subscriptions will auto renew until cancelled.

Does Fubo offer a free trial?

Yes, Fubo TV offers a free 24 hour trial of its services.

Does BeIN Sports connect cost extra with Fubo TV?

No, your $9.99 subscription to Fubo TV includes BeIN Sports Connect at no extra cost

What does BeIN Sports Connect show?

BeIN Sports Connect is a service provided to Fubo TV subscribers to allow access to beIN SPORTS & beIN SPORTS live feeds as well as all the overflow live programming. This additional programming can be covered over up to 9 additional channels when required.

What are the BeIN Sports Connect Channels available on Fubo TV?


The channel broadcasts live HD quality video to subscribers of fuboTV as well as authenticated subscribers of beIN SPORTS on specific cable and satellite providers.

Does Fubo TV allow access to the English Premier League?


Does Fubo TV show the English Championship (EFL) games?

Yes. Fubo TV is a great way to access EFL / Champsionsip games. As an example on Saturday 20 August 2016, 5 live games were shown.  For the huge army of Newcastle and Villa Fans being starved of  televised games this is the best way to see your teams on the road.

Is Fubo TV available in the UK?


Is Fubo TV Region Locked?

Yes. But as always there are ways around the Fubo TV Regional restrictions.

Can I Watch Fubo TV outside the UK?

Yes, Fubo TV can be watched in the UK, USA, Australia or anywhere in the world.

All you need is a VPN service or a Smart DNS service

Here is a list of VPN and DNS Providers that work with Fubo TV anywhere int he world. Most have free trial periods as does Fubo TV so you can test them all for free!

Top VPNs for Fubo TV

Rank ProviderVisit
4smart dns

Top 2 Smart DNS Providers for Fubo TV

HideMyAss VPN Comparison
smart dns
smart dns

Once you sign up to Fubo TV you can pay using a visa, American Express or master card.

Don’t forget you will need a US iTunes account to get the app on your iDevice and you can simple ‘google’ the apk app they are always easily available outside of google play.

Still not sure?

Try Fubo TV Free for 24 hours. Do it on a Saturday when there is the most football available and see if you like it! It is excellent quality as independently verified by the UnlockWorldTV community! Just check out the comments int he other premier league streaming posts.

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13 thoughts on “How to Watch Fubo Outside the USA”

  1. 1) you won’t get the mena version it’s re USA and Canada version
    2) you need the proxy on but that has barely any impact on speed but a VPN may dependent on server location / performance

  2. Hi,

    Let’s say I was able to pay using entropay, and I logged into bein MENA version. Can I watch the MENA without using smartDNSs or VPNs?

    Thank you

  3. If you live in the UK Fubo does not allow you to subscribe.. as you can only pay with a credit card and this is tied to my UK address I cant get any further. Having a USA proxy doesnt help! Any ideas how I can get round this?


  4. It’s working! Somehow payment went through on firefox private mode with entropay (created a fake saudi profile) and getflix smart dns. :0)

    Thank you!

  5. No problem.. :0)

    Just tried entropay on a clean firefox browser and getflix smartdns and still get payment error on Bein Connect MENA. I think they’ve blocked entropay.

    Feeling frustrated 🙁

  6. Actually Nik, i don’t think you are confused, i think I am. It appears the act of logging in to being connect with Fubo does not grant access to bein connect everywhere as you noted. I couldn’t log into the MENA version, and i also could not get MENA content via the US version. I may still be able to help though, as of 1 month ago, Entropay worked as a method of payment on Bein Sports MENA, i found that on another site. i think, a user wrote in the comments that they had used it to sign up for this season. If you haven’t already tried that, give it a go. Also, make sure you either clear your browser cache OR preferably, do it in private browsing mode. (Incognito mode in Chrome)

    Apologies, i think i sent you ‘up the garden path’ there!

  7. Sorry for being thick. Is it possible to write a step by step guide?

    1. Log into, etc.

    I’m a bit confused, because when I log into bein connect ( ) from, I don’t see any EPL. Then you’re saying I should switch region to MENA region. Should I keep the same web address or also switch to site? The login which I use for Bein USA doesn’t work with Bein MENA.

    As you can tell, I’m a bit confused!

  8. I can’t remember you will need to check on the site directly. Fubo shows EPL via Beinsports connect. Beinsports connect is an international service. The content is dependent on where you watch from. So, make sure you “watch” from somewhere in the MENA region.

  9. Many thanks. I’ve not accessed the site, but there don’t seem to be any EPL fixtures for tomorrow in the tv guide. Am I doing something wrong?

    By the way, do they show CL too?

  10. from the funk site “How can I access beIN SPORTS CONNECT?
    Access to beIN SPORTS CONNECT, the TV-authentication service provided by beIN SPORTS is included in your basic fuboTV subscription. All you need if a fuboTV account and login on You can also access the service via their iOS and Android apps.”

    try that

  11. How do I watch Bein Sports connect? I’ve signed up to Fubo. Now what do I do? Can I watch it on a webpage or do I download an app (which app etc). Apologies for being so stupid!

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