The Best and Easiest Way To Watch Hotstar Outside India

How To Watch Hotstar Outside India (June 2019 Edition)

Welcome to the Spring 2019 edition guide on How To Watch Hotstar in the UK, USA or anywhere in the world.

Lots of sites have finally discovered Hotstar and I am flattered so many have copied the various entries on UnlockWorldTV.

But this guide is still the #1 guide. Why? Every other article wants to sell you a VPN service. This article is about actually getting you access! No VPN service alone will allow you to watch Hotstar Outside India. You are going to need to find a way to actually pay for it too!  This guide has you covered with multiple payment methods and workarounds. Hotstar OTP verification issues gotcha!! Read on

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is the an Indian, on demand streaming service similar to Hulu in the US or BBC iPlayer in the UK. Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital and shows programmes in various languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, as well as a large amount of English programming and sports.

For Indians outside India, there are loads of top quality TV shows and shows from around the world on Hotstar. This makes Hotstar a great resource for those looking for Hindi and other Indian language programming. Hotstar is now readily available outside India, but is strictly for Hindi foreign language content that would otherwise be difficult to get. Simply put, all the Live Sports, English and Premium TV content is restricted to India. Not only that, Hotstar is geo-restricted so there is work to do to Watch Hotstar Outside India.

Hotstar is relatively new, and for the premier league, it is still in its infancy. Its still linked to Starsports, but the Premier League and a host of other TV and Movie content is now behind a paywall in India. It can be accessed for only INR199 a month which is about £2.30.  Hotstar is cheap considering the immense programming, even exclude the premier league.

What types of programmes can I get on Hotstar?

All HBO, such as Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Ballers and Veep

Action films such as X-men films, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Alien and loads more movies

Live cricket, so much cricket from ODI to series cricket and T20

Premier League, all of it. Everything, 380 games. Kabaddi, Badminton, F1

Disney Classics, beauty and the beast, Aladdin, the lion king, jungle book, all the best Bollywood films

and so much more…

Why use Hotstar for the Premier League?

Hotstar shows all 380 games per season. It is increasingly difficult to find packages that show all 380 games especially at such a good price. In the UK where there is a 3pm blackout preventing 3 to 6 games a week being block from broadcast. In addition the Premier League in the UK is EXPENSIVE. You cannot just buy it, you have to subscribe to an entire service. In fact, you now need to subscribe to three separate services in the UK, BT, Sky and Amazon to watch only some games.

This is one of the ONLY place to watch every game in English. And by every game, I mean all 380 of the top flight games. It is ridiculously cheap to Watch Hotstar Outside India once you finally manage to pay for it. Its comfortably less than £3 a month, and cheaper still if you pay annually.

Is Hotstar Geo Restricted?

Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital Media and is geographically restricted to India only.

Not only that, although Hotstar has now launched services in other countries, Hotstar accounts are not portable like Netflix. So the UK account can only be used in the UK, the US in the US etc.


How can I watch Hotstar outside India?

At present, whilst there are lots of VPN companies offering servers in India, there are only a small number of confirmed companies supporting this service, or if not officially supported, very few that can provide stable enough streams. All providers in this article have been tested with Hotstar directly. I have confirmed them myself. There are more VPN providers, but these are the only ones with a tested and stable connection to Hotstar that I personally recommend. 

Please let me know in the comments if you have found other providers to help you watch Hotstar Outside India, users trust other users’ opinions as do I! So please, share your experience of accessing with a  VPN or DNS in the comments.

What devices can i use to Watch Hotstar Outside India?

  • Windows PC
  • OSX Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India With VPN

Step 1:- Sign up for either PureVPN, Express VPN, IPVanish or SmartDNSProxy to watch Hotstar outside India

To Watch Hotstar outside India using a VPN I recommend PureVPN, Express VPN or IPVanish. Each supports via its India Servers

Express VPN unlocks all the content on Hotstar including HBO programming and regular TV and Movies. There is an excellent selection of both free and premium content.  The premier package is THE cheapest way of accessing legal HBO content anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Hotstar outside India with DNS

To Watch Hotstar Outside India with a Smart DNS I recommend only one provider. That provider is Smart DNS Proxy, who also officially supports  

SmartDNSProxy fully supports Hotstar as of the date of this article, having fixed an issue with the TV and Movie content. 

Full marks to their network support team. SmartDNSProxy is currently the ONLY DNS provider to fully support   If you aren’t bothered about the flexibility or security of a VPN then this would be the best option for you for simplicity.

Step 2:- Connect to your chosen service

Step 3:- Sign up for a basic Hotstar Account

How to Sign up For to watch Hotstar Outside India

When you visit you can access the content that is free provided you show as being in India. Signing up for Hotstar Premium is a little more difficult and is done in two key stages

Simply fill in the form like the one below using a username and password. If you don’t want to do that, just sign in with Facebook instead.

Side Note: I would say the Facebook option would make your account an easier target or blocking in the future. Just my opinion, there is no sense this is what they are doing

How to Watch Hotstar outside India

How to pay for Hotstar Premium

Lots of internet guides want to tell you to get a VPN to watch Hotstar Outside of India. What they don’t tell you is that though Hotstar will work, it won’t unlock any of the premium content.

Paying for Hotstar is simple, when you know how. And I’ve got a couple of foolproof methods for you. But first, you need to sign up for a free account, and then get to the “upgrade screen”. This requires either a VPN or a Proxy.

Getting a Premium Account Yourself

Step 4:- Click on a Premium program

In order to upgrade to premium you must first find a piece of premium content.  Click on a film with “Premium” banner on the top left. The top banner always has something as shown below.

Bypass Hostar Credit Card Restriction
Click on any piece of premium content to access the upgrade option

Step 5:- Pay for your Premium Service

Payments are restricted to Indian issued cards only. That means your normal Visa and master cards issued in the US or UK won’t work. 

The main problem, is that the payment methods need to be a debit or credit card issued by a local institution. I tried my regular visa debit, a visa credit and a master card and all were declined.

There are ways to pay but some methods have changed. For example, the AMEX loophole is closed.

The iTunes method here still works.

In a nutshell, set up an Indian iTunes account, and subscribe in app rather than directly via Hotstar.

Once clicked, proceed to the payment screen. There are only two options, Credit Card and Debit Card.

However there is an even easier workaround thankfully.

Get Someone Else To Get Your Premium Hotstar Account

Let’s go with what we have as this is the fastest method.

New for Spring 2019 I recommend simply using the method.

What Is Fiverr is a website where people of various skills offer services, known as gigs, to customers. Basic gigs are priced at $5 and then there are add ons so you can customise your order

But what has Fiverr got to do with Hotstar?

Simply put, there are a number of users on the site that reside in India who will but the subscriptions locally for you for a fee. Simple.

Some of the people who do this include Sol_Pro and Kunal India. Both users are verified by UnlockWorldTV users. The beauty of Fiverr is that it has a really good feedback system (like eBay before they ruined it). So hop on over to and simply get one of these users to arrange your subscription for you! Simple.

You simply need to sign up and use On this site you can pay Indian based users to purchase he subscription for you. Some users that have been used and recommended are Kunal India, touseef266touse and sol_pro

These members and others will arrange your subscription payment for you. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that!! Simple sign up and give it a go.

Try Now

Step 6:- Download your apps

Step 7:- Enjoy your football and HBO content for £2.30 a month

Here is a video showing it working

How To Watch Hotstar On TV

How to Watch Hotstar on Android TV boxes (including Firestick)

You can simply go to the India Play store, create an account for this region and download the app as you would any Android application.

Alternatively, you can side load the Hotstar app on your TV, though this may require you to get an .apk installer via your phone.

There’s no guarantee that the app will work with your remote, but you can download a remote app which means you can emulate touch screen commands on your TV.

If you own an Android device, here’s a quick guide to side load Hotstar, there are other methods too but ES Explorer is well known.

  • Open ES File Explorer on Google Play
  • Click on “install” and choose your device
  • Click “install”
  • Make sure your Android TV is turned on and connected to the Internet. ES File Explorer will be downloaded and installed automatically on your TV
  • Open Google Play and look for the “sideload launcher for Android TV.”
  • Click on “install, then “choose your device and “install” again

Now you’re ready to install the Hotstar app.

  • First, go to “settings,” “personal” and then “security and restrictions.” 
  • Turn on “unknown sources” to permit apps from all sources to be installed
  • Return to the home screen open the “sideload launcher app” on your TV
  • This will bring up a window with all installed apps.
  • Choose ES File Explorer
  • Go to “network” on your left-hand pane and choose “remote manager”
  • Then, turn on the status and you’ll get a ftp address that’ll be something like “”

How To Watch Hotstar on Apple TV, iPad or iPhone

This requires you to have an iTunes account for the Indian App Store.This should be done on a computer and not on a mobile device.

You’ll need to create a new Indian Apple ID if you want to install the Hotstar app on your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device outside India. To proceed, logout of your iTunes account and follow the instructions detailed here:

  1. At the bottom of ‘store,’ change your region to India by clicking the Indian flag
  2. Search “Hotstar” and you should see the familiar app logo
  3. Click on ‘Get’
  4. You will be asked to create an account
  5. Create a new username and password for ‘new account’
  6. Enter an address from India (use google of a fake name generator)
  7. Logout of your iTunes account from settings of your Apple device
  8. Login with your new Apple ID
  9. Download Hotstar app on Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad, from outside India

How To Bypass Hotstar VPN Detected Error on iPad or iPhone

Depending on your app version, you may be greeted with a VPN detected error on iPhone / iPad. This is low tech so pretty easy to get around. By simply resorted the vpn and Hotstar app in a different order. However, in iOS app version 6.8.8, the issue is resolved.

Here are some screen shots of the content

best VPN for hotstar
watch Hotstar in UK
watch hotstar outside india

How To Get Around Hotstar SMS Verification (OTP)?

I’ve got you covered with a separate guide for this. No phone number required!

Check it out right –> HERE

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148 thoughts on “The Best and Easiest Way To Watch Hotstar Outside India”

  1. I cannot find Touseef266 on fiverr but I did however get hold of sol_pro. She said that she has maxed out the amount of hotstar accounts she can register on her mobile and aparently Hotstar sends OTP’s everytime you login which will be an issue should you not have access to the card?

  2. Thanks for all the valuable info. I too got the hotstar premium from fiverr and its quite simple. I used the services of “sol_pro” who has more than 100 high rated reviews and he was lighting fast in making payment.
    Now am enjoying the cricket. Cheers Unlock World!!!

  3. I could access only non-premium content through VPN and foreign cards doesn’t work for payment.
    I found a trustworthy person in India and sharing the details so that others can get the benefit.
    You can contact either Kunal India on Fiverr
    To get the premium. He will make payment to your account on your behalf.
    Just sharing for info, its your choice to contact any of them.

  4. This thread has been great and many thanks for all the info didnt even know about hotstar and got it all signed up and running fine on ATV4 on smart dns. A couple of dollars for a year amazing.

  5. have you tried a smartdns? HBO is centrally served. Just for giggles, go to an american server and then on hotstar try streaming HBO.

    Things have gotten quite complicated over recent years are companies try and share infrastructure so the Hotstar service, though indian, serves HBO from the same datacenter and Sky Atlantic UK, and the EPL is served from the UK too. Smart DNS can usually handle this more seamlessly

  6. I have Hotstar premium account and Express VPN.
    I connect Express VPN to India.
    But I can’t play any HBO series like GOT,etc…
    I can play all others premium content.
    When I play GOT,it says content not available in your country.
    I want to know is this a VPN error or my hotstar premium account error.
    Thank you

  7. Hello everyone, I have seen some people (Luke ,Paul…) here has recommended my name on fiverr to get the hotstar premium subscription.
    So I thought it would be more great if I advertise for myself. 😉

    So I am from India and have helped more than 10 people to get the hotstar premium. Some people took sports and some both movies and sports.

    So all you need to do is create an account on hotstar from your side and when the payment parts come leave that to me.

    How to contact me :-
    Go to
    Search touseef266 as my username
    Leave a message there with all the details like which package you want Rs199 or Rs299 etc.

    That’s it.

    And how fiverr works is if your work is not completed you will get your amount refunded. So it’s totally safe.

    See you on fiverr


  8. I was able to buy 1 year of premium membership. Do I still have to use vpn and set it to Indian server ? Or can I login on USA hotstar website and stream. I am using ExpressVPN and the only server for India is buffering for hotstar. Anyone tried nordvpn? They got 20+ Indian servers but I am not sure if they are virtual or what and how fast they are.

  9. Are there any subtitles for the bollywood tv program of Hotstar ? Such as Siya ke Ram or Radha Krishna ?
    Thank you for your answers 🙂

  10. This does not work anymore. Latest Hotstar apps on mobile devices detect vpn & don’t allow streaming. Starting the app first & then starting vpn also does not work. Good while it lasted.

  11. **update the user that helped me was touseef266 but had lots of replies. used paypal through the website, you dont pay until the work is done so its totally safe. i paid £11.00 and that included the 299 rupees for hotstar sports package

  12. not sure if this has been posted before, i used a website called fiverr. found 5 indians with 30 minutes willing to pay on their card. all carging around $10

  13. Pardon my ignorance, but I can’t find the Hotstar app in iTunes on my iMac, even after changing the location to India.

  14. American Express card is not working for me either. It fails at the last step everytime. It does seem like they have closed all the loopholes!

  15. Having the same problem as Alex above.
    Also I’ve signed up for a new Amex card in the UK – neither Hotstar nor iTunes (Indian store) will accept it as valid.

    Any ideas gratefully received.

  16. Hi,

    Does anyone have a link to get an iTunes card. The ones I have previously used seemed to have all gone

  17. The tv is largely on demand. The events are live. It’s early hours in India right now I can’t think they’d be playing sport this time of day.

    They don’t have an equivalent of say Sky Sports though if that’s what you mean in terms of scheduled programming.

    To summarise. TV on demand, sporting events live and then on demand post live for later viewing if needed.


  18. Am I an idiot? Does Hotstar have live streaming of channels or is everything just on demand?

    Just signed up through the iTunes method and I can’t see any live channels or live streaming of anything (other than the news section).

    Tried pretty much everywhere on the website and app and there doesn’t appear to be anything live.

  19. It’s super easy if you have a good, reliable VPN with you. Half of my family lives in Europe, so when I’m visiting them – I use NordVPN to connect to HotStar. Nord has about 20+ servers in India, it doesn’t sound like much, but they’re not loaded so works fine.

  20. yes, its been difficult lately via Apple TV though the PC has been ok. I had an email from Smart DNS Proxy this morning stating its all been resolved but I havent tested to confirm this yet.

  21. I’ve been watching Hotstar premium content without any problems using smartdnsproxy but this stopped working 2 weeks ago for some reason. Does anyone else have the same issue or can you recommend a working dns or vpn.

  22. I tried to fix Hotstar seen many people complain about it on social media so I just switched to Sling. Works much better than hotstar and never buffers so I’m happy with it. By the way, I think Premier League matches are blocked from most VPNs. I tried using it with a free VPN before my subscription ended and it said there was a network error.

  23. Hey, I have the same problem as Kapil. I’m using SmartDNSProxy on Hotstar and it worked good with no buffering until a couple days ago. I tried using it after that but it buffers about every 10 seconds. I tried it on SonyLIV and it works fine with no buffering at all, not sure if it’s the Proxy, my internet, or Hotstar itself. Any way to fix this?

  24. Hi, clear your cookies and be in private browsing mode in order to ensure it works on your Mac.

    With the VPN. It needs a good connection and it could be down to your provider. I’m currently using purevpn and I do not have buffering

  25. Hi

    I have successfully setup a subscription to Hotstar as per your instructions.
    This works fine using SmartDNSProxy on my iPhone 7. Unfortunately when using SmartDNSProxy or a VPN on my MacBook or an Android tablet I am getting heavy buffering unless I reduce to the lowest quality – which makes it unwatchable. Can you advise why that might be?
    I have tried other Smart DNS providers but they all appear to be detected by Hotstar.


  26. there were two, Chennai and another. I used the ‘other’ one. in terms of tips
    1) ensure you use private browsing mode if using a browser
    2) HBO content is from a centralised video distribution service and this seems to affect VPN access periodically. No other services are impacted
    3) perhaps consider a DNS. SmartDNSProxy is properly configured to deal with all the services Hotstar offers and to my knowledge is the only one.

  27. Which server on expressVPN do you use? I cannot access premium content when using servers from india? Any tips?

  28. You need to change the store region by clicking on the flag at the bottom. You will need a separate account for each county’s store and a separate email address. You also need to use a computer for this and NOT a phone or tablet

  29. Sounds like you should ask HMA! To test this for you. On the Hotstar site, some stuff comes from India and some stuff I think is routed elsewhere. I think Smart DNS proxy Might be a good suggestion if all you are concerned about is streaming. It works flawlessly with Hotstar as they have a special “channel grouping” option which is perfect. Either that or I recently used expressVPN If you must use a vpn and you have no luck with hma support

  30. Hi,

    im using HMA Pro with indian proxy. I have premium membership via iTunes method. I can only watch free videos. Premium videos say: This content is currently not available in your region [4031]. What can i do ? I tried everything with clearing cookies etc…


  31. i’ve not streamed with quite that little bandwidth to be honest. The problem with Australia really is latency rather than speed I would have thought. Have you tried getflix? I haven’t but i’ve heard a few people say they had good results. With the DNS services you have to try and pick the server closest to you, still a bit difficult when you are a massive island in the middle of the ocean though eh!!

  32. Further to my previous comment, streaming is not normally an issue for me at 1.81Mbps. I can for example stream Australian Netflix and other streaming services without buffering.

  33. Hello,

    Thanks UnlockWorldTV for this incredible site. You are helping a lot of people. I managed to sign up using the iTunes method. No issues accessing hotstar using SmartDNSProxy (I tried ExpressVPN mumbai – 1 server but it was hopelessly slow). Tried watching EPL live for the first time last night using SmartDNSProxy and unfortunately there is just too much buffering. Even on the lowest setting it buffers every 10 seconds. Internet is pretty terrible in Australia (I average 1.8 Mbps and this is considered reasonable) but regardless I contacted SmartDNSProxy support and they told me that it was a known issue and that the network team are working on it. They did say however that they had no timeframe. I suppose I have two questions. First, has anyone in Australia managed to get this to work and if so what is your setup. Secondly, if you could let me know UnlockWorldTV if you have any knowledge of this issue currently as I know you have worked with them before and if there’s ever any hope with an internet speed of 1.81Mbps.


  34. It could be a number of things but most likely
    1) try using a different server to be sure. Maybe even try a different country and use a free service elsewhere just to confirm it isn’t dns related
    2) if you are using a web browser use private browsing mode

    I’ve not had any trouble recently but I will try it today and confirm that express either works or not

  35. I managed to subscribe via itunes, but some of the premium content including EPL matches show a region block. I am using expressvpn and it definately connects to an Indian IP sunce I am able to watch some of the premium content. Any suggestions on why this happens?

  36. Now having problems finding another iTunes India gift card to purchase on either Amazon or Ebay after my previous gift card expired – purchased another one on 2 days ago but they refuse to only provide the gift card code on e-mail and require physical delivery to India, which isn’t possible of course as am in the UK. Does anyone have any other sources for getting one of these cards?

  37. Nooooooo … it’s now giving me region error when it was working fine a couple of weeks ago! Tried it with 2 different Internet connections – BT Infinity and EE mobile data. I’m using PureVPN. Has this happened to anyone else?

  38. Thanks. I have used DNS Proxy and I get good picture etc. However, after about 30 mins continuous watching the picture buffers and then continues to buffer so I have to exit hotstar and re-enter. Any ideas on what may cause this? The download speed is 44mb and it seems to happen no matter what picture quality has been selected.

  39. Thanks. Will give it a go. IPad connection is perfect through same router etc so I am guessing it is something to do with IPvanish software.

  40. Thanks. I have tried changing the settings on IPvanish on the PC but problem persists. As an experiment I borrowed IPad from daughter and found that IPVanish gives me download speed of 14mb on IPad but only 2MB on PC (which I assume is the problem). Any ideas why? Thanks

  41. I use smartdnsproxy myself and quality is perfect. But Ipvanish is normally very reliable for India. Have you tried changing the protocol from open VPN to pptp or l2tp ? You may find that helps. Also the higher the encryption the slower the speed. If it’s on 256 lower it to 128bit. It’s not isp related though I’m sure

  42. Thanks for advice. I now have access to hotstar using friends IPad as suggested. I access hotstar via website on PC (behind IPvanish VPN). However quality of picture is very poor and even then keeps buffering. It certainly wont be good enough to watch live sports at current level of quality. I have tried changing indian server (twice) and even watching on lowest quality band offered but problem persists.

  43. The quickest way by far would be to ask a friend with an Ipad or iPhone. Sign up for an Indian iTunes account if you haven’t already. Load the account w Th your rupees based voucher / gift card. Sign into the store on your friends idevice. Download the app. Pick a premium item. Sign in to your premium account or sign up and then pay via iTunes when prompted as an in app purchase. You’re bound to know someone with an Ipad or iPhone!

  44. Hi. Quick update. I have managed to acquire itunes gift card from and loaded my indian itunes account. Only issue that remains now is that I only have a Windows 10 PC and not an Ipad/Phone to activate Hotstar app. Any advice will be very welcome. Thanks.

  45. Another question, sorry. I have followed links to amazon/ebay to purchase itunes gift card. If I sign-in with uk account I am told item not available for shipping. I created an Indian amazon account but the pay-process will not accept my credit card. Any advice? Thanks.

  46. Hi. I have created an indian itunes account (from uk) and downloaded the hotstar app. I only have a windows 10 PC and app appears to be for ipad/phone only. Can i watch Hotstar via itunes on windows 10 PC? If this can be achieved, I assume i then need to purchase indian itunes voucher to access hotstar content.

  47. glad it worked for you 🙂
    i will go over the AMEX method again. Worked fine for me, but a couple of people have had problems. For the benefit of the community, which Amazon seller did you use for the iTunes code?

  48. HI,

    I have ordered a 15 digit amex direct from american express, I have registered with smart dns, restarted laptop and I can watch the free content on hotstar fine. I’ve cleared everything possible in my browser and used private browing on a range of different browsers and each time it declines my card. I suspect that the amex route probably isnt going to work for me. I’m in the uk and my amex was ordered and issued in the uk so that may be the problem?

  49. it is a basic amex card direct from american express. I will do as suggested and if this doesn’t work try the iTunes method (i assume your site has instructions for this). thanks for your help.

  50. Try clearing browser cache the. Closing browser connect to VPN open browser in incognito.

    Is it a proper Amex or an Amex issued via your bank? That might make a difference. iTunes method will work faster for you by the sound of it

  51. the payment stage asks for id/password. I select premium content where it takes me to credit card page. after entering amex details (including amex safekey) it display ‘transaction unsuccessful’ screen asking if (1) i am using india based card and (2) have i selected correct credit/debit card type. there is no request to enter a postal address.

  52. OK thanks. When does it ask for this? I have only been asked for an email address and password to date before trying to access the premium content. This may be the problem if I have not entered this address.

  53. no an actual address. I just googled a random international company followed by “India”, I’m sure i used the google head office recently. But any address should be OK

  54. Yes that sounds right. The premium content is hosted separately to the other content though. VPN will be fine though it’s just paying for it. Don’t forget the Indian address and if that fails the iTunes method works great according to other readers

  55. thanks for quick response. I have now tried using private browser (firefox) on windows 10 PC with same outcome (after entering amex keysafe code). I am connected via IPVanish and can see free content so I assume that hotstar accepts my new-delhi server location.

  56. Hi. I have obtained Amex basic card but although the site goes through security process with amex to provide security number the hotstar site rejects transaction. I am using IPVanish as my VPN software. Any ideas?

  57. Just had a look through Surfeasy’s ToS – It has an ‘Acceptable Use’ policy for non-commercial use.

  58. Cheers for the advice – I have a wired connection. Just changed web browser to Opera Beta 40.0 and it seems to have remedied the problem. Must have a bogus extension or something running in Chrome? BTW, did you know that the Opera beta come with a basic set of free VPN servers?

  59. Using Hotstar to watch football – every 5 minutes or so I experience buffering (blank screen, spinning circle). Anyone else having problems?
    I have a 75mbs fibre connection and use Smart DNS Proxy.
    Any advice?

  60. im surprised that worked at all. But don’t worry try to either 1) pay when your browser is in private mode and/or you have a vpn on or 2) you can just pay with iTunes using one of the workarounds . Im using hotstar on Apple TV and it is such good value for money!

  61. Just to let you know, my Lloyds AMEX card is no longer working for hotstar premium. It worked a month ago to start the free trial (small charge was made against it), but when the renewal was attempted for this month, the card was declined. I tried a second time manually and it wouldn’t work.

  62. Mike, give getflix a try. There is a free trial and setup is just changing the dns settings. Then you’ll know if it’s the VPN.

  63. do you think maybe it could be the vpn,I’m not using express vpn,but i wouldn’t of thought that would matter

  64. Hi,

    I have signed up for the premium content, but it is not obvious where the premier league football will be. Pretty much all the video, apart from one live cricket show, are on demand. Does the website change when there is live football available, or do you have to search for it?

    Also can you watch the games on demand after they have finished?

    I couldn’t subscribe using a Virgin Atlantic Amex, but iTunes gift card worked fine!



  65. can’t get this to work,have a amex card…..goes through everything but fails on the final hurdle.
    tried it through the vpn and in private….i now have no hair left…..AAAAAAARRRRRRRGH

  66. Good question! I’m not sure but I used screen mirroring on iPhone to Apple TV. On that basis any screen mirroring method should work. That said I don’t have a chromecase to test it. It would AirPlay per we though only with screen mirroring turned on

  67. You missed a step or two. You HAVE to be on a PC or Mac. You have to choose a free app to download by clicking GET. You HAVE to choose None as the payment option. Once you have verified your email address then you can add a voucher.

    It is impossible on a mobile or tablet though. PC or Mac browser only

  68. And…

    OK, never really used gift cards before. But if you redeem your gift card first in the App store app then it won’t ask for payment information when trying to subscribe, it will assume you will use that balance.

    If it’s not obvious how to sign up in the App, click on premium content and start a trial, you’ll then get the opportunity to create an account.

    So, an iTunes gift cards works fine with Hotstar

    Getflix DNS works fine to see premium video (just don’t let the app know your location)

    The stream quality is pretty good, but not HD.

    My current stream is about 30 seconds behind Sky, so it’s not delayed as previously through the website.

    First month is free. Each month is then 190 Rupees (£2.15 at today’s rate), but a 500 Rupee card cost me 799 Rupees on Amazon (£9.10) so if you buy small gift card each month is around £3.50 which is really rather good.

  69. Continuing Hotstar attempts…

    Hmm. Maybe it was just yesterday, or maybe it was because my Getflix DNS was on. But it just worked, I created an Indian iTunes account.

    But still having issues.

    -Downloaded the apps.

    -Ran the apps. Stupidly said yes to the app using my location.

    -Geo locked, but no DNS setup.

    -Setup Getflix DNS

    -App worked with free content, but not premium.

    -Turned off app knowing my location and premium now asked me to subscribe.

    -Tried to subscribe and it wanted a payment method. Gift card was not an option for a subscription you need a credit card. So back to square one!

    Anyone had more luck?

  70. Couldn’t see where you put a link on the guide, but went to to get one. Took a few hours to deliver and unlike here, you pay more than the face value of the card.

    I bought a 500 rupee to test with, but can’t get iTunes to let me create an Indian account. It’s not explicitly saying the gift card is wrong, but is giving an error and asking for payment info.

    Will keep trying.

  71. Anyone have tried the Hotstar apple tv app? I can’t find live EPL, just on iPad and iPhone (and I have to mirror screen to my apple tv – which dors not give a fullsize picture on my tv). Maybe there are som restrictions on apple tv?

    Do you know anything about that?

  72. Guys… How do you go about getting Indian iTunes gift card. Tried eBay but I’ve had to use this paesopay thing and my payment is not confirmed yet. Any other methods or sites selling iTunes Indian gift cards?

  73. Sorry, Getflix may well work on premium, I just can’t get in to find out!

    Going to apply for an Amex card now…

  74. Getflix is working fine on the free content, but sadly none of my cards (or my Revolut virtual card that worked in other regions on the Xbox).

    How annoying.

  75. Probably. Is imagine the Amex travel card would. But someone on here tried revolut and entropay and said it failed. You can get oxigen or free charge but I need an Indian number. Only thing I can suggest it try oxigen usa (still Indian) top it up with a fiver and see if that works. This avoids the Indian phone number requirement which is a big expensive hurdle

  76. Has anyone tried “in-app-purchase” trough indian app-store (using a indian itunes giftcard)?

    Thanks for your article!

  77. Mr Unlockworldtv .

    Amex gift card can only be used with in the UK.

    Be great at hear if you can suggest any solutions to non-amex card holder here in the UK.

    If not – will keep with bein/eleven sport.

    Once again, thanks for your great website as it means a sad/mad football supporter can binge on football as much as possible.

    Warm regards


  78. Thanks for new and additional info – re hotstar. For those in the UK and who are visa/mastercard holders – what would be your advice regarding AMEX. I looked a pre pay credit card but from what I have founds – its for US citizens only. Only thing that I could locate is a Amercian express gift card. Do you think that would work ? Any advice regarding payment here in the UK without AMEX would be great.

    Many thanks


  79. Going to try Hotstar with the OH’s Amex, currently got Eleven Sports on the go, can confirm you only need VPN to login. Just a heads up, seem to have problems getting the video player to load in Google Chrome but using Safari works fine! Quality is certainly a little worse than what Star Sports was though.

  80. quality is the same on both HOWEVER you need to be a bit savvy here. You will almost always get a better speed with a smartDNS ergo quality should inherently be better. You can get hotstar using smartDNSproxy. Eleven sports is not supported by smartDNS yet so you need a VPN, but you only ned the VPN to connect to the site. Once you are logged in you can switch the VPN off and use your full ISP bandwidth, this makes for excellent quality. It goes up to 720p i believe

  81. Can anyone comment about the quality difference between Eleven Sports and Hotstar? I have Eleven Sports now, and the quality is okay, but not broadcast quality level..

  82. Tried with 2 different American Express cards and didn’t work. I’m from Costa Rica. At this point I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Phone number method, kidnapping kids, swimming across the ocean, you name it.

  83. I removed the requirement as I think there was an issue with the Api. Refresh and it should be there but I use caching so you may need to clear your history of u don’t see it

  84. I shared this page on Twitter as per requested, but I still can’t see step five. I wanted to share it on Facebook but it won’t let me.

  85. I shared this on Twitter but I still can’t see step 5. I wanted to share on Facebook but it didn’t let me.

  86. It only works with Amex and you need to select credit card AND make sure you are connected to India via VPN or your smartdns is enabled. Also, use private browsing mode which often helps

  87. There are other solutions but they require Indian phone numbers I’m afraid. Outside the effort most on the site would want to go through. Have u tried an Amex prepaid? You can probably buy one online

  88. I tried your method but still have been unable to beat the credit card issue which still comes up with rejected as the card is from outside India.

  89. Really hope you have another solution up your sleeve, because American Express no longer issues card in my country 🙁

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