How to Watch SportsNet Outside Canada

How to Watch SportsNet outside Canada

What is SportsNet is a relatively new online sports offering, and probably not as well known as some of the more global brands such as ESPN, FOX and BeIN sports.

SportsNet does offer a great value sports proposition, with a wide variety of sport that features over 800 hours annually of live-event programming. The majority of coverage is in high definition.

The channel’s line-up includes games from the

  • Toronto Blue Jays (baseball),
  • Indian Premier League (Cricket),
  • Major League Baseball,
  • Toronto Raptors,
  • National Basketball Association (NBA),
  • Soccer,
  • Barclays Premier League (EPL),
  • UEFA Champions League,
  • Vancouver Canucks,
  • Calgary Flames,
  • Edmonton Oilers,
  • NCAA Football,
  • NCAA Basketball and
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship.

And all this for only $24.99 Canadian Dollars (£13.70) per month.

How to watch sportsnet outside canada

Device Compatibility

Sportsnet works on:





with soon to be released apps for PS4, Xbox One and Apple TV.

How to Bypass the geo error and Unlock Sportsbet with VPN

Sportsnet is only available in Canada. This means if you are a travelling sportsnet customer, you will be unable to watch and be presented with a geo-error.

By using a Virtual Private network (VPN), you can connect to a Canadian server and watch Sportsnet outside canada.  Not only that, but if you live in a blackout area for your local team such as the Canucks, you can choose a server out of the area to bypass the blackouts.

How to Bypass the geo error and Unlock Sportsnet with DNS

By using a Smart DNS (Domain Name Server) you can browser the internet at full speed exactly as you normally would. But when connecting to a configured service such as Sportsnet or Netflix, player etc the traffic is automatically routed via the country of broadcast. Not only that but your internet speed is unaffected by the use of a smart DNS service. This means you can watch sportsnet outside canada at full speed.

There are also benefits of using vpn in addition to unlocking the Sportsnet channel

Using a VPN means you can not only unblock geo restricted content but you can

  • improve your privacy,
  • bypass blocked sites by your own ISP
  • prevent getting hacked on public wifi
  • increase your online anonymity
  • connect to your workplace with end to end encryption and many more advantages

Here are some VPN providers tested and recommended by UnlockWorldTV

Rank ProviderVisit
4smart dns

Here’re some Smart DNS providers tested and recommended by UnlockWorldTV

HideMyAss VPN Comparison
smart dns
smart dns

But why use a VPN to unlock Sportsnet?

Good question. You might be a Canadian expat and just like that network, you might be an ice hockey fan and want some authentic coverage from the No. 1 hockey country in the world, you might already be a sportsnet subscriber but be on business or holiday outside of canada. You could be on the east coast of canada and not be able to watch the blue jays due to a black out policy, or maybe you just live in canada, already subscribe to sportsnet but you just want your god damn privacy respected once and for all!

Whatever your reason, a VPN can tick all these boxes and more.

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