How to Watch Star Sports with PureVPN

How to Watch Star Sports with PureVPN

UPDATE Sept 2016:- If you want to watch the premier league then you need to switch to Hotstar Premium as Star sports has moved the content. Here is a full guide: – Watch Premier League on Hotstar Premium but PureVPN still Works

Today I did a little experiment with PureVPN.  You may know that PureVPN added some Pakistan Servers for the Cricket Word cup. In addition ,they also recently added 10 new Indian Servers. All of these are suitable for streaming Star Sports India.

But how did it work in practice? after a few false starts and an as yet incomplete test (as in I have not tested every one of the servers) I had some fantastic results.

Take a look at the screen shot below.  Its been a while since I saw a crisp Star Sports stream like this. The screenshot was taken on my iPhone so doesn’t do it justice but see for yourself

Stream Star Sports with Pure VPN


Interestingly, the way I got this connection going, (and you will need to take my word that the picture was crystal clear) did involve a little bit of manual work.  Thankfully there is a full guide available which I recreated here with specifics around the server I used to get this excellent result. I will also provide some other servers, but bear in mind you will need to subscribe to the PureVPN service to access these servers.

First things first, in order to continue you need to sign up to purevpn here

Access Star Sports with Pure VPN on iPad or iPhone

Step 1: Go to Settings

Star Sports with PureVPN

Step 2 Go to General


Step 3 go to VPN

Stream Star Sports with Pure VPN

Step 4 Go to Add VPN Configuration

Watch Star Sports with Pure VPN






Step 5 Go to PPTP


Star Sports With Pure VPN


Step 6.

Insert in description “PureVPN PPTP”.

The server used for this test was

Channels Connect Server Paid/Free Manual Address
Ten Sports Pakistan Free
PTV Sports Pakistan Free
WebTV Greece/Kuwait/Qatar/France/Czech Republic Free
Star Sports UK, India, Ireland Paid
Fox Sports Australia Paid
Sky Sports Europe Paid
Sky Sports UK Paid

Use you PureVPN Username & Password. (these are NOT your sign in details!! which are different)

If you aren’t sure, check your email from PureVPN confirming your subscription

Now tap on “Save”

Step 7

Remember enter the Description EXACTLY as shown “PurevpnPPTP” choose the server you require from the box in step 7

Best VPN for Star Sports

so there we have it. If you haven’t already download the star sports app on your iPad or iPhone (here is a guide if you are not sure how)

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6 thoughts on “How to Watch Star Sports with PureVPN”

  1. Trying to figure out how to set this up on my android phone. Would love to watch star sports from Ireland & have purchased Pure VPN. Can’t seem to figure it out though. Any help would be really appreciated!

  2. Hey mate, which server is to be used to watch Star Sports India while creating VPN connection using PureVPN? (I am in US) or

  3. Hi everyone. According to a reddit user earlier starsports are showing the EPL for free which is why no packages are available. The instructions at least work as I accessed the F1 packages just a couple of nights ago. Stay tuned for more confirmation. I think I will use PLP this year and pay monthly! Quad play sounds like a dream!!

  4. This doesn’t work anymore. “No packages available” message comes up, even though trial videos work.

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