How to watch Tamil tv outside India

I was in a local supermarket this week and saw a digital set top box for tamil programming.

This is the box if you were wondering –>[easyazon_link identifier=”B00XRG5PYA” locale=”UK” tag=”httpwwwunlock-21″]Lebara Tamil One Year Subscription with Set-top Box included (Tamil, Black)[/easyazon_link].

Anyway, as convenient as it is, it seemed relatively expensive, more so because when i looked up the subscription prices it was £14.99 a month. No tamil programming should be anywhere near that price (when you consider you can get HBO  for that).

So, i thought i would see if there are any services and sure enough there is a service already covered comprehensively on this site that allows you to watch tamil language programming, and channels such as star vijay.

Watch Tamil TV Outside India on Hotstar

Watch Tamil tv outside india

I have previously written about Hotstar on the following subjects

What  Tamil TV is available

Here is a selection 

the biggest difference between the tamil tv box noted above, and the Hotstar offering is simply live tv.

However, given the time difference between India and the UK (+5.30) arguably the difference is redundant. Prime time TV everywhere is Thursday at 9pm. But 9pm in india is 3.30pm in the afternoon in the UK.

Hotstar offers live sports programming, at regular times for international sports, but other than that, surely it makes sense to watch on demand content instead?

I use my Apple TV box to watch Hotstar in the UK, but any android box will work, as will a phone, laptop or pc. Even an Android TV.  All you need is to spot]f your location.

If you do not already own a suitable device, I would recommend you buy any budget Android TV Box with a quad core processor and 2gb memory. If you buy a cheap box, it will likely have only 1gb and you will be sorry and you WILL be buying another within a year! Just trust me on this.

Here are some pretty cheap options

Seguro M9

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B01C55D5VI” key=”small-light” locale=”UK” localize=”y” tag=”httpwwwunlock-21″]

M9C Max

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B01LX0VELN” key=”small-light” locale=”UK” localize=”y” tag=”httpwwwunlock-21″]

A Box A1

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B01LXZBD3W” key=”small-light” locale=”UK” localize=”y” tag=”httpwwwunlock-21″]

There area a number of ways to watch tamil TV outside India.

Watch Tamil TV outside India with a VPN

A vpn such as one of the ones below will allow you access to an encrypted tunnel to India and allow you to both access Indian TV services, and maintain privacy of your online browsing.

Rank ProviderVisit

Watch Tamil TV outside India with smart DNS

At present, only Smart DNS Proxy supports Hotstar premium content. The best thing is they offer a full 14 day trial with no payment details necessary.

 Don’t forget, in addition to Tamil TV you get a huge selection of films, both english and otherwise, live premier league football, kabbadi, badminton, HBO and more its incredible value.

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