is Kodi Safe to Use in the USA, UK or anywhere

This is a really common question, way too common in fact, and one which is changing over time.

Apple TV with Sideloaded Kodi

Lets take a closer look and see why Kodi might NOT be safe.

What is Kodi?

First, lets be clear, Kodi, is a media centre platform that allows you to stream media around your household with ease. Kodi is a perfectly legal, and is actually a very good, streaming media tool for your local files. Here is  their site.

So whats the problem with Kodi

Kodi, for better or worse, also allows you to side load  third party add ons.  Im not going to sugar coat it like many sites, barely any Kodi add on gives you access to legal content.  You always read somewhere “the add ons aren’t illegal” that may be technically true, but you don’t download a third party add on to just take up HDD space. You download it to use. And to use it you will almost certainly be using unlicensed content. Even if you ultimately own the content, its unlicensed therefore not legal.

So, is Kodi safe to Use?


The reason is this. Every time you connect to a stream, your ISP sees this. ISPs have a large list of illegitimate streaming sources and they can often pass your details onto unscrupulous law firms in the hope they can frighten you into paying them a sum to avoid court action. This is very common, especially in the USA and UK.

is Kodi safe to use with a smart DNS?

No. It is not. A smart does not mask your IP address.

is Kodi safe to use with a VPN?

Probably Yes. A VPN encrypts your traffic so your ISP cannot link your IP address to any stream.  This does not change the legality of the action, it just prevents your ISP from either blocking the traffic, or identifying you. This element is not in doubt.

I say “Probably”because it depends on the log keeping policies of your VPN provider.

is Kodi Safe to Use

How can I use a VPN and is kodi safe to use?

The best, and most effective way to use a VPN to make Kodi safe  is to install it directly on your router. This means that all your devices and traffic that go through the router are automatically protected by the VPN.

Express VPN and Pure VPN have applets that can be installed directly onto a DD-wrt enabled router. But most routers (not issued by your ISP) can be used with a VPN. IPVanish can also be used with a router, but rather than an app, you just type the configuration details such as IP and hash key into the boxes. This may be ideal if you don’t plan on chasing your server location, for example if you live in the UK and want all traffic to be from the UK for maximum speeds, but also encrypted.

All three providers mentioned above have zero logging policies.

All VPN providers give easy instructions to follow.


So is Kodi safe to use? Yes, provided you take some simple steps to protect your traffic. If you live in the UK especially it is absolutely essential you protect your traffic as ISPs are in and out of court constantly blocking streaming Its and selling off your details to various companies. You have been warned. Stay safe online, and make sure Kodi is safe to use for you!

If this guide has helped you learn why using Kodi’s 3rd party add ons means Kodi is safe to use or otherwise as the case may be, please share it with your friends. A VPN can be had (even shared) between you for the price of a coffee every month. Its just not worth the risk.


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