Launch Kodi from Home Menu on Fire TV using Firestarter

How To Launch Kodi from Home Menu on Fire TV using FIrestarter

Have an HDHomerun error? have a Fire tv and llama Apps aren’t launching like they used to?

There has been a recent update to the Amazon Fire TV Stick software.  Nothing major, but it has removed the functionality of Llama.

This may be why you have received the no HDHome Run device error, or why your ‘sacrificial apps’ have begun to simply start without prompting your previously designated apps.

If you don’t already know. Llama let you choose an app, that when clicked, would launch another app.

On Fire TV, this was incredibly useful because side loaded apps do not get put on the Fire TV homepage.

This is bad news then. Actually no.

The Firestarter App for Fire TV (XBMC launcher) is an application that fixes the Llama issue and then some.

Frustrater lets you configure the Fire TV home button to take you to the Fire TV Home Screen Luncher (duh!) and also, a double click to take you to a separate screen that shows all your apps, both the ones form Amazon direct AND any apk you have installed. The launcher can be activated using the home button.

Lets see how to install Firestarter using adbfire.

I have assumed you already have Kodi and / or any other side loaded apps installed.  If you don’t, then you need to follow this guide first on How to Install Kodi on Fire TV.

Once you have that sorted, follow on.

Step 1: Open adbfire 

there are multiple pieces of software and routes to this, but I think this is the simplest.




Step 2) Click Connect and make sure the dab server is running (see the bottom of the screen where it should say “adb running”.  You should also see the words “Device connected” in the very bottom right.

Step 3) Select Install apk, and navigate to the download location of the Firestarter file you downloaded earlier

Step 4) once you select and open it, wait until the process finishes and a “Installation Complete” window pops up

Firestarter is now installed. But we have work to do!!

Configure FireStarter on Fire TV

Open up FIrestarter from

Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > FIrestarter > Launch Application

Here’s what the menu looks like.

Frustrater Main Menu

This should be the one and only time you have to open any sideloaded app with these many clicks.

Navigate to the FireStarter Settings and ensure that you have the items marked below checked.

To keep the Fire TV Stick functionality as close to factory as possible. I prefer to have the following set up

1) Single Home Click goes to Fire tV Home

2) Double Home Click goes to Firestarter Meun

However, by default, single home click opens FireStarter and double home click opens Amazon Fire TV home.

Once you decide then, click on “Open ADB Settings”, turn off ADB Debugging and turn it back on again. Then reboot your Fire TV by pressing “Select” and “Play / Pause” buttons for 5 seconds


Configure Firestarter on Fire TV

Once you have done this test it and you should see that the Firestarter menu has not only Kodi, but all apks that have been side loaded plus any apps you downloaded from Amazon. You really can use the Firestarter menu as a replacement menu.

If all this sounds like too much had work then we can provide a pre flashed box with all of this installed.

Want To Let Unlock World TV do it for you

If you don’t have the time to do this and want some help order a pre flashed Amazon Fire TV Stick.

We’ll put kodi and some popular plugins on ready for you to use and explore


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