Netflix on iPad

How to Get The USA version of Netflix Outside of the USA

Things you will need:

1) a VPN Supplier (Astrill is used in the example but you can use any VPN supplier you wish)

3) an App store account where Netflix is available as an app

3) the Netflix app itself

4) a valid Netflix account

5) an iPad or an iPhone

The first steps can be done either on your iDevice or your PC / Mac.

Step 1

Firstly, if you live a in a country where Netflix is not available, you will need to set up an App store account in a country where it  IS available such as the UK, Canada or the USA amoungst others.  You will be required to use a debit or credit card to do this, but its Apple, you should really be able to trust them.

Step 2

Once you have the app downloaded and a valid account you can get the Netflix app.  You will probably want to log out of your new “foreign” account and log back into your old one now. The Netflix app will still work

Step 3

Next you will need a VPN supplier.  For this tutorial I will explain using Astrill VPN.  The reason I use these is the availability of their software, and general ease of use.  It also is useful if you are on a PC / Laptop with multiple users so for example you could dedicate one web browser only to go via VPN and all others go as normal. This means less techy members of the home dont have to worry about it!

To sign up to Astrill click here Once your account is up and running you can test it on your PC or Mac first or go straight to using the app on iPad / iPhone


Step 4

To download the Astrill App for iPad and iPhone click here to take you to the iTunes store or do it directly on your iPad or iPhone

Step 5

Launch the Astill app on your iPad or iPhone and log in using your new Astrill account details


Step 6

Once you are logged in you can choose a server. For this example choose a server in the USA (unless you are already in the USA in which case pick a UK server to test it has worked.


Step 7

Once the VPN route is properly connected you will see the VPN notification icon on the iPad Screen.


Step 8

Start the Netflix App.  You should recognise straight away that the content is different.  The USA has far more comedy, sports programmes, films and series. Some to look out for to confirm it is the USA netflix is the show “Friday Night Lights” and Dexter.


Step 9

Repeat the above using different countries or just enjoy the hours of entertainment available to you!


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