Stream the Premier League Online. 7 ways for 2016/17

7 Ways to Stream the Premier League Online for 2016/17

This article was originally published on July 14 2016 and has been updated with two more ways to watch the Premier League.

As the seasons roll by, the worlds greatest sport (in my opinion) gets more and more options to enable you to watch it online, whether it be on your computer, phone or tablet. If you have never been to UnlockWorldTV before, you might want to also check out the Ultimate Guide To Watching the Premier League Online which is here –> Linky

Here is a quick run down of some of the options available to you to stream the Premier League Online

1) Hotstar (Formerly Star Sports) (India)

Star Sports India VPN

If you are on a budget then Hotstar (formerly Starsports) is the one for you because it is about $3 a month! Thats right. Stream the Premier League online for free on any device.  As long as you can live with that then you can watch all 380 premier league games on iPhone, android, Apple TV or on your PC or telly box! Remember TV’s.

Ive tied and tested a number of services with Hotstar (Star Sports)  as you can see in my reviews. There are combination of VPNs and DNS services. Thee days VPN service providers have pretty reliable servers in India or Pakistan,  and to be sure you can get a trial before you commit.

Rank ProviderVisit
1smart dns
2smart dns

2) BeIN Sports (MENA)

Unblock Al Jazeera Sports (BeIN Sports) in the UK, USA or anywhere!

BeIN Sports is a United Arab Emirates based provider owned by AL Jazeera. It has a presence in mainland Europe and the USA too.  However, the Premier League TV Rights in the middle east offer great value for money

Unlike Star Sports where you can sign up for “Only Football” or “All sports”. BeIN Sports offers simple packages that are available both monthly and annually. A subscription gets you all their channels which are fantastic in HD quality with a great looking app too.

It costs $200 maximum and you can Stream the Premier League online. It includes all 380 English Premier League games in HD on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and a host of other devices too. BeINs new pricing structure looks like this.

You have to choose your subscription type, as of the time of writing you have a few options, All channels monthly $20 per month, All channels annually $200, Sport channels $15 a month or Sport Channels Annually $150

Here are my top VPN and DNS picks for BeIN Sports

Rank ProviderVisit
1smart dns
2smart dns

3) Eleven Sports (Taiwan)

stream the premier league online

Remember Premier League Pass. The unsung hero of Premier League streaming.  Its killer feature WAS of course blinding HD quality over four, yes four screens. However, it lost the rights in the New Zealand, Philippines and Taiwan region, only to leave the entire area on the verge of having no official broadcaster.  However, it has literally just been replaced with Taiwan’s Eleven Sports. And here is the good news.  an Annual Pass will let you Stream the Premier League online for less than £17 British pounds. Bearing in mind the pound isn’t worth a crap any more thats a great deal! in USD which is more representative of the world wide price it is $21.45.  Wow.

Much like BeIn Sports you subscribe to a multitude of events and not just the premier league.  This is a brand new and sure to be popular option!! It will net you 6 games a week minimum including 3 3pm games.

Pro Tip: If you are in Singapore, switch to the Taiwanese site with a VPN for this price otherwise you must pay $19.90 per month!!

So far I have only tested this with Express VPN which worked great.  I will do more research before recommending any other providers and I will keep this post up to date.  So bookmark it.


4) Sportsnet (Canada)

stream the premier league online

SportsNet is relatively new to online streaming and absolutely new to Premier League Streaming. However with good pedigree and reasonable pricing this is certainly one to watch.

I wrote about this recently in this article.

It costs around £13 a month or $25 CAD and shows lots of sports including Baseball, Hockey and Basketball. All Major VPN providers have Canadian servers and Canada is a pretty decent are for the providers themselves so reliability is a non issue for VPN servers.  Take your pick of providers. Here are my favourites VPN and DNS services for SportsNet

Rank ProviderVisit
1smart dns
2smart dns

5) Now TV (UK)now-tv-sky-sports-pass_3289941

See, now its easy to overlook NowTV, the native UK option. However, there is one reason only NOT to use them and that is if you want to watch 3pm kick offs. There is a blackout int he UK of all football at this time.  However, for those strapped for time unlikely to watch at those times, or even the casual user who doesn’t want any type of contract then its actually pretty good.

Further, this is THE best option if you want to watch the Premier League on your PS3, PS4 or Xbox 360 / ONE. It also has a Roku app alongside the usual suspects for phones and tablets. In short, it is VERY well supported.

Pricing is a little like wall street though. Its expensive at full price unless you use it only occasionally. But most of the time you can get good offers, even if it means buying a new specialised No TV box, which itself is a rebadged Roku (with the ability to side load plex no less).

This service is well supported by both VPN and DNS. But I recommend DNS for Now TV specifically because of the sheer number of devices you can use it on. This just adds that extra bit of flexibility

Rank ProviderVisit
1smart dns
2smart dns


On 9th February 2017, Fubo.Tv launched its beta to grant access to a new lineup of sports content, and its not just football either. But what they have added is access to Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, NBC and NBCSN which will allow for access to live Premier League action.  Best of all its a digital only subscription and you can get it here.  If you have visited UnlockWorldTV before you may have see the access guide, but here it is again for anyone that hasn’t.

7) Eurosport (Romania)

Surprised to see Eurosport on here? Me too.  I completely missed this option.  SO Eurosport traditionally does not cater to the Premier League, or indeed big league soccer in general. However, that is to underestimate its parent company (discovery channel owners!) and there absolutely ubiquity across the world of global broadcasting.  It seems Eurosport, in Romania at least, has bagged the Premier League rights. The good news, is that much like Netflix, you can sign up anywhere in the world, but the content you see is based on where you are when you log in.

There is one slight restriction that i have been unable to test, and that is, that the games are available in English, but only via a computer.  I have read that the language option is unavailable in app.  I haven’t confirmed this yet but I will do as soon as I can. Nevertheless, you can currently pick up a Eurosport subscription for only £19.99 for an entire year! thats not bad however you slice it


And so there you have it. Seven ways to stream the premier league online. All of them legal, all of them available on many many devices, all in HD, and all with no contractual commitments. I hope you have found this post helpful. If you have, please share it with your friends.

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Enjoy the 2016/17 season however you choose to stream the premier league online!


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40 thoughts on “Stream the Premier League Online. 7 ways for 2016/17”

  1. Hi there
    Can you recommend any other VPN to access BeIN Sports? I use purevpn and i always get freezes (Using Oman, UAE, Morocco) even though my speeds is 94 mbit/sec but when i connect to their servers i get as low as 5 or 20 sometimes but still freezes. Is Overplay better? I find the best stream method for BeIN is Chrome on Mac but the purevpn new updated software took away PPTP and P2LP authentication methods.
    You might need to do a recent review for BeIN sports as i lost access to them using Getflix (Which used to be stable full HD all the way).

  2. Hi there
    Can you recommend any other VPN to access BeIN Sports? I use purevpn and i always get freezes. Is Overplay better? I find the best stream method for BeIN is Chrome on Mac but the purevpn new updated software took away PPTP and P2LP authentication methods.

    You might need to do a recent review for BeIN sports as i lost access to them using Getflix.


  3. When using Bein Sports 1-10 for EPL games, does anyone know how to avoid the error message that comes up when trying to change audio from Arabic to English?

    Using Overplay to Saudi and Internet Explorer. Thanks

  4. Many thanks. I just signed up and tried it now, but I get ‘There was a problem processing your payment’ just like with the other cards I used. I’m using Getflix DNS service..

  5. Hi
    Has anyone had any recent success paying for Bein? I’ve tried about 6 different cards and they all come up with the error that’s there’s a problem with the payment….

    Any suggestions to get round it, or is there another service offering both Premier League and Champions League?


  6. Starsports yes. Hotstar no. You mayfield the EPL is available in Hotstar via overplay but the rest of the premium films and to probably won’t work! Use smartdnsproxy instead

  7. Hi, does overplay dns works for star sports? The site does not seem to provide support for India. Thanks a lot for your site, it has been very helpful.

  8. Hi I have set up express vpn and nordvpn and while both work with sports net and eleven sport websites they don’t work with with the app . It says email not valid on both is there a way to work around the app ?

  9. No the front part of the card number is the issuing institution and country. There are a couple of workarounds but other than one its not quick. Guide will be up later. Just got some awesome news from a DNS company too re Hotstar

  10. Both on Revolut, I think I just tried credit card on Entropay.

    Neither appear to let you register the “card” as being anywhere except in the UK so that’s the problem I guess??

  11. This site is a gift from heaven. Looking forward to seeing the premier league on Hotstar. Still haven’t been able to do it because of the credit card restriction.

  12. Tried both Revolut and Entropay in an effort to get a Hotstar subscription going and no dice in either case:

    Sorry, your transaction was unsuccessful.

    Please try again using another card. If you are facing issues, please write to us at

    Make sure you are using a credit/debit card issued by an India-based institution only.
    Please make the correct selection based on whether you are using a debit or a credit card.

  13. As you said, we need hotstar app to watch EPL on your ipad (is it the same case with android?). What about on desktop. I dont see the live stream option when I log into star sports website from my PC. I have bought PureVpn, and had logged into the India (New Delhi vpn). Their customer service lack the knowledge to help me out.
    waiting for guide for the Hotstar. Thank you..

  14. yes. you need the new app called Hotstar which i will be putting a guide up for ASAP. There is no mention of it on their site but they moved the EPL and HBO content to an app, its a free app but sports and HBO are £2.30 per month now. Currently creating a workaround!! can’t believe they didn’t mention that and I missed it

  15. I have purchased PureVPN but i cannot work out how to stream using Star Sports.

    I have connected to an Indian server and looked all over the website.

    There is no options to play games or even the channels themselves. The only thing i can view is the cricket.

    Am i missing something?

    Please help

  16. Sorry to be bothering you again, but no one named MASM (or is this an abbreviation?) have made a comment in this article. Do you mean all channels monthly at $20 instead of Sports package at $15 will get you English commentators on

    Thanks for your help, this site is great.

  17. How do you guys pay for Bein Sports? I have tried to sign up, but it won’t accept my UK credit card with a different address. There is also no option to pay with PayPal etc.

    Also I have had a look at Star Sports, but can’t see an option to sign up. Any ideas?


  18. Thank you JiMEgypt, i missed that and have updated the article. see my previous reply here but agree with StarSports unless you support a “big” club in which case BeIN would probably show the games within their allocation anyway

  19. Well firstly, thanks for pointing out my mistake with Eleven Sports! I have updated the article accordingly. Starsports shows all but they are technically delayed games, albeit by only 5 minutes or less! So in line with JimEgypts comment this could be it. Having said that, BeIN is fabulous quality and the whole 380 is probably overkill depending on which team you want to watch of course. Unfortunately most ‘foreign’ providers lean toward the big name clubs most weeks. SO if you support one of those, BeIN will be fine, if you are following a non traditional “top 5” if there is such a thing, maybe go with star sports. Good thing with star sports is that you can use Overplay or SmartDNSProxy rather than a VPN

  20. Do you know if any of these providers has rights to stream ALL games? beIN tends to show a few and it’s reported that Eleven Sports will only show 6 per week. Any ideas?

  21. Looks like Eleven Sports won’t be showing all 380 games live as PLP did previously.
    It suggests they will have 3 live games on a weekend and 3 non-live. Just been reading on the Singapore site – not sure if its different in Taiwan? (I have an Overplay account and they don’t currently have a Taiwan-based VPN server).

    BEIn Sports seems to be similar – only showing 3 of the Saturday 3pm kick offs.

    Maybe StarSports is the way to go even with a 5 minute delay…

  22. you need to sign up to view the EPL i think. Even though its free i think that it is still required. I will check when I can and if I need to update the posts. I cannot see any reason why this might be the case though.

  23. I’ve tried IPVanish to see star sports. it seems to work, but I cannot watch replays from the PL season 15/16. Bundesliga is fine, but not premier league. Are you sure this will work when the season starts?

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