Top 5 Cheapest VPN Providers for 2014

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Here is a brief run down if the Top 5 Cheapest VPN providers. We can dress it up as much as we like but sometimes you just want cheap ready access.

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Rather than compare feature for feature I have assumed that for this exercise you need the Cheapest VPN Providers that give basic privacy and allows you to access the most popular geographically locked services by giving you servers in the UK, USA and Europe. For example Netflix, hulu, pandora, iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video, Lovefilm, Sky Go or HBO.

So off we go, the top 5 Cheapest VPN providers.

1. Invisible Browsing VPN

Our pick of the cheapest VPN providers. At only $3.08 a month when you opt for the 12 month plans ibVPN offers incredible value for money.

Where you want a USA and Canada only server or just a UK and Ireland one they have you covered.

Even better if you just want the service just for TV they offer a DNS package for the same price as their VPN packages.

The sweetener for ibVPN is that you can get a completely free 6 hour trial. No credit card or payment information required.

The full plan prices are

12 months $3.08 pm
6 months $3.33
3 months $3.65
1 month $4.65

2. Switch VPN

At $3.12 per month Switch VPN is a very close 2nd on this list. The Lite package offers servers in 5 countries UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands and Canada. In addition the Netherlands server allows P2P traffic. Switch VPN keeps absolutely no logs so your data is safe too. Even if a third party requests it. The full package prices are below and are for the Lite package.

12 months $3.12
6 months $5.00
3 months $5.00
1 month $5.95

But with significant savings on the 12 month plan you’d be best to choose that one making this a worth 2nd place on our list of Cheapest VPN providers.  If thats not persuasion enough. All of the above plans have a 7 day money back guarantee.

3. Earth VPN

Earth VPN quickly gained a reputation for value and an excellent privacy policy.  Its plans start at a mere $3.33 which gets you access to 32 countries across 6 continents. Whats more is that the price structure is relatively flat meaning that even the 1 month plan is only $3.99 which is why it just pips privateinternetaccess to 3rd place on this list of the Cheapest VPN providers. The full plan prices are:

12 months – $3.33

6 months – $3.99

3 months – $3.99

1 month – $3.99

4. privateinternetaccess

PrivateInternetAccess are a well know and reputable VPN provider with an excellent reputation for privacy, so if you can afford a few cents more, then PIA may be the provider for you.

Plans start from $3.33 per month for 12 months access to servers in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Hong Kong. They also accept bit coin payments if you want to be uber secretive.

The full package prices are

12 months – $3.33 pm
6 months – $5.99
3 months – $6.95
1 month – $6.95

5. Pure VPN

Pure VPN is one of the big guns in the VPN market and with process from $4.16 per month its a tough call not to choose them.  Recently PureVPN added what I think will become a defacto feature amongst VPN products and that is the Kill switch.  Thats right, the Pure VPN client will kill your internet connection in the event that the VPN disconnects unexpectedly.  I will be awaiting my provider doing that (Astrill) and if it isn’t forthcoming in the near future, it will be a pre requisite of my next provider when it comes to renewing.

The price below gets you access to servers in these locations which is not too shabby!! it has a 3 day full money back guarantee AND 5 multi logins!! Thats the highest I have seen. Most providers, mine included have recently rolled out multi access for two devices which appears to be the expected standard of late.


The full plan pricing is as follows

12 months – $4.16

6 months – $7.46

3 months – $9.95

1 month –  $9.95


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