Using the VPN Kill Switch to Protect Yourself Online

Hi Everyone, todays Mini Post is just to tell you about a short video I made showcasing the Vypr VPN Kill Switch which I have put on Youtube (and embedded below for you!).

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

This is a feature becoming more common but still lacking from many providers.
It kills your VPN connection, and therefore your internet connection if the VPN network fails or disconnects.

This is especially important where security of either your network or you is paramount. A more everyday example may be that you connected to a VPN with Kill Switch enabled to download a torrent via P2P.

Its a given that even attempting a torrent download without a VPN is a REALLY bad idea. But there is no point trying to protect your privacy by enabling the VPN to begin with if the VPN connection,for whatever reason, simply fails. Failure may happen due to VPN server resets, connection drop outs, planned or unplanned maintenance, switching wifi networks in your home causes failure or even VPN software crashes.

Your personal details will be available the second the connection fails.

Enter the VPN Kill Switch. If the connection dies, so does your internet!

The beauty of the Vypr VPN Kill Switch, is that you have the option to tailor it to either App or System level. In a nutshell this means that

App Level – If the Vypr VPN app is open, the internet will not work without a VPN connection

System Level – The internet will not work at all, irrespective of whether the Vypr VPN software is running, and will not work until the Vypr VPN Connection is made.

The latter is perfect if you have a PC that you would prefer to NEVER natively connect to the internet. Such as if you wanted to really stay anonymous online.

Below is the posted video from youtube showing the VyprVPN Kill Switch in Action. I think you will agree it is very effective!

VPN Kill Switch Tutorial from VyprVPN

I’m a huge advocate of the kill switch as I have mentioned many times including in my VyprVPN Review

Well in my video I talk you through the VyprVPN Software and show you how the VPN Kill Switch Works in practice.  You can see I force a dropped connection by switching WiFi Networks and it kills all activity immediately! Then I engage the kill switch by disconnecting from the VPN server. Its flawless.

VyprVPN make all their own software and I have to say that it is very good, I particularly like the iOS software as some VPN software for iOS is a bit clunky! Don’t just take my word for it though. Get a free trial and/or watch the video!

I love the Vypr VPN Kill Switch, and you should too!


Visit Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN Review 2015

Do you want to know if any other VPN Services have a VPN Kill Switch? I started a page here for that which I will keep updated. Feel free to add any others in the comments box below.

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