VPN Cost Comparison

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VPN Cost Comparison

UnlockworldTV has compiled a list of VPN providers and the costs of each provider on a per month basis so you can have a convenient VPN Cost Comparison Chart to reference. We think this makes it much easier to compare costs.

Please remember that cost should not be your only consideration, you may need a dedicated Android app, or a dedicated DDwrt Applet.

Some providers have more plans, and in general each plan has a specific purpose. The titles should guide you here, but to give an example.  If you just want to access the USA channels and are not overly concerned with privacy then you could simply opt for a plan with US servers. Similarly you may prefer to simply use a DNS service where lots of channel access is preconfigured.  A DNS service unlocks TV but doesn’t provider the benefit of encryption of you data. On the other hand, you do not get reductions in speed!

So start here and decide which features work best for you.  If you have any questions please let us know in the comments.

VPN Cost Comparison

ProviderVPN / DNS /Proxy ProviderFree Trial / Money Back Guarantee (MBG)1 Month Cost (in USD)3 Month Cost (per month)6 Month Cost (per month)Yearly Cost (per month)
Invisible Browsing VPN (US & Canada)VPN6 hours free no Credit Card required$4.95$3.65$3.33$3.08
Invisible Browsing VPN (UK & Ireland)VPN6 hours free no Credit Card required$4.95$3.65$3.33$3.08
Invisible Browsing VPN (EU)VPN6 hours free no Credit Card required$4.95$3.65$3.33$3.08
Invisible Browsing DNS (only for TV)DNS6 hours free no Credit Card required$4.95$3.65$3.33$3.08
SwitchVPN (LITE)VPN7 Day MBG$5.95$5.00$5.00$3.12
Private Internet AccessVPNNo$6.95$6.95$5.99$3.33
Earth VPNVPN7 Day MBG$3.99$3.99$3.99$3.33
VPN4ALL (Mobile)VPN30 day MBG$5.95$5.00$4.67$4.08
PureVPNVPN3 Day Full Trial$9.95$9.95$7.46$4.16
Unblock USDNS7 day Free Trial$4.45$4.45$4.45$4.45
Stron VPN (Special PPTP)VPN7 Day MBG$4.58$4.58$4.58$4.58
SwitchVPN (COMBO PRO)VPN7 Day MBG$9.95$5.00$5.00$4.95
Overplay (SMART DNS)DNS48 hour MBG$4.95$4.95$4.95$4.95
BTGuard (Torrent Proxy)PROXYNo$7.12$6.76$6.05$5.34
invisible Browsing VPN (TOTAL)VPN6 hours free no Credit Card required$7.95$6.65$6.16$5.83
AstrillVPN7 Day Free Trial on Request$9.98$9.98$6.66$5.83
StrongVPN (USA only)VPN7 Day MBG$7.00$7.00$6.67$6.25
IPVanishVPN7 Day MBG$10.00$8.99$8.99$6.49
HideMyAssVPN30 day MBG$11.52$11.52$8.33$6.55
invisible Browsing VPN (ULTIMATE)VPN6 hours free no Credit Card required$10.95$8.32$7.16$6.91
VPN4ALL (50GB PLAN)VPN30 day MBG$9.95$8.33$8.00$7.00
BT Guard (VPN)VPNNo$10.20$9.69$8.66$7.64
Overplay (GLOBAL VPN)DNS / VPN48 hour MBG$9.95$9.22$8.83$8.33
VPN4ALL (UNLIMITED DATA)VPN30 day MBG$16.95$14.33$13.50$11.83
VPN Cost Comparison

The table is ordered by lowest monthly cost per year.

The prices shown are for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months and display the monthly equivalent cost which the purchase cost / number of months. For example. $60 for 6 months would display $10 or $60 for 12 months would display $5.

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