Vypr VPN Review 2015

Vypr VPN Review
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  • Speed and Reliability
  • Security and Privacy
  • Packages and Pricing
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Updated 16 June 2015


There is a single form to simultaneously set up the account and purchase the chosen package. Whichever plan you choose this also arranges the no risk 3 day trial which can be cancelled at

any time.

Vypr VPN Prices Review 2015

The complete registration is one small form and won’t take much more than a minute.

Device Compatibility

I tested the Vypr VPN service on iPhone, Mac and iPad as well as a Windows 7 Machine in a VM environment.

It works on all the major platforms for phone and desktop. The website also provides step by step tutorials for the devices, including DD-wrt routers.

Speed and Reliability

One feature I liked was automatically choosing the fastest server from the list. Failing that you can simple order the list by ping rate and connect to which ever country you prefer. It goes without saying the fastest server will almost always be the nearest server to your location. For me the nearest was the UK server.

If you are using the service primarily for privacy then this is a good tool to have in your arsenal. If you are using the service for streaming only, then you may not use this so often.

I tested the service on Mac and used the iPlayer (UK) app from the BBC, Netflix (USA & UK), Hulu (USA) , nrk (Norway),

I did a number of speed tests which were consistent. They weren’t the fastest speeds  recorded but they were certainly not the slowest, and speed isn’t always everything.  For example, I can get 60mbps with one provider for a UK server. But if Im watching BBC iplayer I need about 5mbps, any more isn’t going to get me better results. On that basis the UK server pulling 17mbps reliably is both consistent and ample enough for any domestic streaming service. Don’t forget that some broadband providers don’t even allow you that during peak times.

Testing on the BBC iPlayer I got flawless performance. I also tried Netflix USA and UK and again, I had absolutely no problems. Below are some screen grabs of the output, tests and bandwidth chart for Netflix USA.

Uk Speed Test 1


UK Speed test 2


Netflix USA (the interview)(netflx.com)



BBC iPlayer (live concert – Royal Blood) (bbc.co.uk/iplayer)


Netflix Bandwidth Monitor





Vypr VPN Review 2015


/\ click the pic above to visit Vypr VPN/\

Security and Privacy

Vypr VPN made a great impression on me with respect to security. It’s a big issue for me, not because I need it for any reason, but because I want it as a matter of principle.  If you read some of my other reviews you will note that I am a big fan of the kill switch.

After all, what’s the point in connecting securely if the connection drops and you continue to browse unaware.  The kill switch turns the Internet off if the VPN connection is lost. You will NOT be able to connect.  This is an essential feature for anyone worried about privacy.

I tested this on my Mac and its a crucial element of online security and I struggle to see how it hasn’t become standard for all providers.

Second of all, Golden Frog do not use third parties for anything, including their software. They host their own VPN servers, develop their own software across the different platforms, they manage their own network, own their own DNS service and own all the hardware.

Because of this, they can make their own rules and have chosen to implement a zero logging Domain Name Server (DNS). This means they do not record hostnames, IP addresses, geo location data etc etc etc

The DNS is especially important to prevent censorship, and also to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.  it should be noted that this DNS service is not the same as the “Smart DNS” services designed for media streaming, such as the ones offered by PureVPN, Unlock-US and Overplay.




If this isn’t all good enough, they also have the now de facto feature that is the Internet Kill Switch. As the name suggests you internet “will be killed” if the VPN connection breaks for whatever reason.  This may be because of your ISP, your VPN provider or even switching WiFi networks momentarily.

Rather that write to much I made a video for you to watch below:

In addition to the regular security benefits, I found the iPhone software to be unusually simple and effective.  I don’t know why, but I always found VPN apps on android to be much simpler; and because Android allows more access to its developers its easier to get advanced features. I have quite a lot of VPNs on my iPhone for both personal use and testing and each works slightly differently. Some apps have you download certificates for each server, some only work when the app is active, or turn off after a short while, but this one allows you to choose the server from within the app, click connect and go. Its so simple, its definitely the best iPhone app for vpn that I have used so far.

One thing in particular that I liked about the Vypr app was the Auto Reconnect option.  It is enabled by default, which I did not realise at first, and as soon as I hit Wi-Fi it popped straight back into action and secured my connection.  I liked that a lot. Other iOS VPN software tends to simple disconnect you and leave you to reconnect at will.  That’s fine I guess but I did like the added convenience of this feature.

As a side note, i also noticed that the vpn appeared to connect whilst I was using 3G. I confess I don’t know a great deal about mobile networks and I was of the impression you couldn’t use a vpn to protect your mobile network data. If anyone knows better, please let me know in the comments!

Finally, just to clarify I am uk based and I connected to the UK server on my iPhone. I did not notice any change in performance either on my device, or in terms of internet speed. I have to say it was a completely seamless experience. I’ve already recommended this service to some friends whose primary reason for VPN is security and American Netflix.

Packages and Pricing

All of the packages are available via the china mirror too!

Vypr has a simple pricing model and is fairly middle of road in terms of headline price.  Unlike some providers there is no big sales pitch to sell you a plethora of add-ons.  The simple plans are shown below:

However, in terms of value for money there could be additional benefits here for lots of people.  If you weren’t already aware, Vypr is owned by Golden Frog, who have a number of products in their repertoire.

One such product is Dump Truck.  This allows you to securely store, sync and share all your photos, files and documents online whilst being able to access them from anywhere a la Dropbox and many other services.

Signing up to Dump Trucks free tier nets you 5 GB of free online storage space.  And signing up for any of the plans will get you at least 10 GB more.

The lower of the VPN packages nets you 10GB free storage, access to all the servers using the PPTP protocol which is perfectly fine for streaming content. If thats all you are interested in then this is tremendously good value, but if its security you are after, I would not feel comfortable using anything but OpenVPN. Just my preference, but it is considered secure and unhacked by any agency (government or otherwise).

The mid tier VPN package will set you back $8.33 per month, but effectively gives you 30 GB (5 GB free + 25 GB included in VPN package) in online storage.  That amount of storage would cost $7.99 with dropbox (although you would get more) and would cost $1.99 a month with G Drive. So there is clear benefit here if you were in the market for some additional space to store your documents.

This package also offers Open VPN and L2TP/IPSec, the former of which is the minimum if you want to ensure online privacy.  They also offer their own proprietary encryption called Chameleon, the USP here is that the metadata is encrypted to prevent deep packet inspection (read: how to get around the great firewall of china et al).

You also get two simultaneous logins, unlimited data and a secure DNS service. So for $8.33 a month, you would be hard pushed to get a better overall value for money deal.  If you just want a straight up VPN connection then obviously you can beat that price fairly easily.

The top tier package can be had for $10 a month at the moment, and is the same as the mid tier but allows three simultaneous VPN connections as well as 50GB of Dump Truck storage. This VPN package might be good for you if a few friends wanted to share the cost, or a small business. With the kill switch and auto reconnect you wouldn’t even notice you were using a VPN. Good luck finding a business package for $10 a month!

Help & Support

The service prides itself on 24 x 7 x 365 support.  I didn’t have any issues with the product or service itself to require support but I did use the online chat function to speak to them. It took about 2 minutes, possibly a little less to connect to someone called Howard. He was succinct, polite, and answered my questions which is pretty much all i’m looking for from support right? – quick, polite answers!

I’ve also spoke to them via email and again, emails were returned quickly (less than 24 hours) and they were very polite and courteous. Some of the others could learn a thing or two from them. Its not always just answering, its how you answer!

Pros and cons

So, the summary of the Vypr VPN Review 2015


  • Exceptional iPhone app
  • Good speeds
  • Great speeds
  • Kill Switch
  • Minimum of 10GB Free Encrypted Cloud Storage
  • Simultaneous Logins with mid and top tier plans
  • Accepts Paypal


  • No Bitcoin or altcoin payments
  • The bottom package only has PPTP which is not considered secure
  • Not ideal for less popular locales such as UAE, Pakistan, India, Taiwan  but this makes no difference if cheap Premier League Streaming is not your main concern.

Vypr VPNend of article Vypr VPN Review 2015

VYPR__50_Percent_Off_First_Month__300x250_English_Animated let us know in the comments if you have your own Vypr VPN Review 2015


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