9 thoughts on “Watch Sling TV Outside USA – FULL GUIDE”

  1. Just writing to say that after weeks and even months I cracked it. Can’t believe I’m in. I used Incognito and erased my cache with google chrome. Then, I even managed to use my own credit card from NZ but used the postcode adaptations that others had suggested. My postcode has 920 in it so I used a US zip code with those digits, i.e. 90201. Then I even found a postal address in that zip code. My husband is so pleased to get Sling TV back! How long it lasts, who knows! Fingers crossed I might even have the Roku express freebie coming via my NZ post shop address. BOOM!

  2. Lov3 this up to date tip. I am in NZ. I’ve tried prezzy cards. So it’s got me thinking about other options. Thanks guys keep them coming.

  3. I’m sure in the end i used a visa debit card in chrome privacy mode. Also clear cookies and cache first, not sure if that makes a difference but it can’t do any harm. Some sites look at previous history, the time etc to determine your location client side. Very sneaky

  4. I have been using Travelex Supercard which has worked fine but that card is being stopped.

    I tried using Chrome in private mode with my MBNA Virgin Atlantic Amex but it still did not accept it. What other settings did you have?


  5. It’s always dollars. I have a uk issued Plat card direct from Amex. You should make sure you are in private browsing mode I found that helped. Also, use chrome not safari, it didn’t seem to like safari

  6. What kind of American Express card did you use? Was the currency it payed Sling in in pound or american $. I am a canadian trying to get access to sling tv.

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