Watch Super Rugby online

Watch Super Rugby online

Want to Watch Super Rugby online. Here’s some info. You’ve come to the right place.



What is Super Rugby?

Super Rugby (rendered in the current competition logo as “SupeRugby“) is the preeminent professional men’s rugby union football competition in the Southern Hemisphere and Japan. Building off various Southern Hemisphere competitions dating back to the South Pacific Championship in 1986, with teams from a number of southern nations, Super Rugby officially started with the 1996 season with 12 teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The competition was known as Super 12 through to the end of the 2005 season; the name was changed to Super 14 with the addition of two teams for the 2006 season; with expansion to 15 teams in the three countries for the 2011 season, the competition was rebranded as Super Rugby (no number included). By 2006, matches were being broadcast in 41 countries.[1]

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Where Can I watch Super Rugby online?

Subscribe to Rugby Pass to watch Super Rugby online. Rugby Pass is a digital only streaming service based in Asia. Its focus is 100% rugby, live as live and on demand. Rugby Pass has the rights to a huge number of Rugby competitions, both Rugby Union and Rugby League. If you think you recognise the site layout, thats because they used to run PremierLeaguePass which was based on New Zealand, Taiwan and The Philippines.

How to wth rugby pass anywhere

What devices allow me to watch Super Rugby online using Rugby Pass

You can watch it on practically any device. It works on PC and Mac web browsers, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), all Android devices, Chromecast and even Apple TV.

How Much is Rugby Pass

If you want to Watch Rugby Pass anywhere in the world then you must part with the reasonable sum of $14.99 USD per month. Its the same price is each country. There is no contract and you can unsubscribe at will, so if you just want to watch a couple of tournaments then you can do so.

Does Rugby Pass offer a free trial

Yes, Rugby Pass offers a 14 day Free trial

How can i Watch Super Rugby online in my country using Rugby Pass

As Rugby Pass is geo restricted (to Asia) you will need to unblock it using one of the following methods in order to watch it outside of this region.

How to watch Super Rugby online – VPN method

If you want to connect only one device then simply sign up for a VPN service such as the ones below.

Start the software on your device, select a server, I normally use India, but any of the countries listed above will work.

If you want to be able to connect all devices, then you will need to use a VPN router. This can be either a physical router, or a software router

1) Physical Router

You need a router that can be flashed such as a WRT1200AC

Next, get Express VPN and install the app on the router itself. Connect to the server of choice and et voila. All your devices can be behind one specified and secure connection.

2) Software Router

You can use software such as Connectify to create a virtual router and a WiFi network on your laptop or PC. This is a simple and effective method, but it does mean that the device needs to remain on. Once you have tried Option 1, you wont go back but this method does work so if you only need it for a game or two a week, it could be a good option.

How to watch Super Rugby online – Smart DNS Method

Using a Smart DNS service means you can easily select one or all of your devices to use the service. A smart DNS service will route specific traffic so that it appears to come from elsewhere.  I use SmartDNSProxy and they are awesome. They also offer a long free trial with no payment information necessary. You have nothing to lose.


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